Unexpectedly: Potap frankly told about the affair Tina Karol and Dan Balan

The first year fans of Tina Karol and Dan Balan podozrevayut that of bind a serious relationship. The stars themselves have not commented on the information, but at the same time regularly fuels rumors combines romantic songs and not only. Recently about the relationship of stars expressed their colleague on the show “Golos Krainy” Potap. […]

Vincent Cassel was hospitalized with head injuries after an accident

The week ends not too quiet for Vincent Cassel and his family. So, yesterday, the actor got in an accident on a scooter in the village of Arbonne when he clipped the car. After that Kassel was admitted to a private hospital with slight head injuries. Fortunately, the actor said about his condition after the […]

Angelina Jolie doesn’t allow brad pitt to acquaint children with new love

In the media for several months as you receive the news that brad pitt’s new girlfriend. So, the former spouse of Angelina Jolie has credited the novel with the colleague on shop, actress Aliya socat. Rumor has it that Angelina is not very approve of the new choice of the actor and even forbids him […]

Scandal: Drake insulted Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid in his song

The mention of star names in the songs of the most famous rappers — not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes, however, they would prefer that those whom they sang, these tracks are never heard. For example, Drake, around which the other day broke the real scandal. Blame — archive neoborocillina song rapper, a fragment of which […]

Alla kostromicheva tell you how much it earns in modeling

Recently, Ukrainian top model and host of the popular show “Top model in Ukrainian,” Alla kostromicheva became the guest of the show Glory on the YouTube channel Lux FM. In an interview with the star openly talked about romantic meeting with her husband, and also about how many earns in the modeling. So, during a […]

Not available anymore: Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha got married Kvitkova

The event, which was awaited by all fans of the popular TV show “the Bachelor,” has happened! Today Nikita Dobrynin and his lover, the winner of the Dasha Kvitkova got married. The couple decided not to advertise the event and bet on romantic painting in a very narrow circle of the closest The network has […]