Shevchenko wants to coach Milan, the 70-year-old Skates will become a father

Your attention is invited to the selection of the main news and materials on Wednesday, 13th may.

1. Roma started the negotiations on the transfer of Junior Moraes. Paulo Fonseca asked the bosses of the club to make every effort to make the transaction took place.

2. Andriy SHEVCHENKO: “I Want to return to Milan as coach”. Ukraine coach dreams of returning to Milan.

3. 70-year-old Anatoliy Konkov will become a father. About the new addition to the family said the wife of the former President of the FFU.

4. Arsenal wants to go back to the option to purchase Matvienko. Defender of “Shakhtar” wants to see in the ranks of the gunners ‘ Mikel Arteta.

5. UFC President: “I Beg Mike Tyson to enter the ring”. 53-year-old boxer recently announced her return.

6. The July coup or revolution? As Surkis came to power in the Dynamo. – the events of the distant 1993, when the President of “Dynamo” Grigory Surkis changed Bezverhovo.

7. Bogdan GRITSAI: “the Roller Tendril shot Russian spin doctors”. Verbal sparring with a wrestler Oleksandr Usyk continues.

8. The dream did not come true. Sebastian Vettel became the new Ferrari Schumacher. Understand the reasons for the failure of Vettel in the composition of Ferrari.

9. The love story of Napoli and Maradona that Messi will not be able to repeat in Barcelona. Leo is a genius of modern football, but here in Naples there is a king, and it is forever.

10. Cirrus suspected that he was recruited by the Russian special services. Miroslav guy commented on the shooting of a boxer in the Russian film.

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