Shenderovich about the coronavirus in Russia: the Sands will recover. But to normal people it just doesn’t work soon

Russian President Vladimir Putin has built the anti-social state, said Russian journalist and writer Viktor Shenderovich, commenting on the situation with the incidence of coronavirus in Russia.

On his page on Facebook he recalled that the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov from COVID-19 treatment in a hospital, and to the ordinary people of the country not even the ambulance comes.

“The Sands will recover. The amulet will be removed, wear modern Western equipment and will be cured. And ordinary people is simply not going to the er. In my regular Facebook is the cry from all sides – not hospitalitynet already at a critical temperature! Nowhere. Just do not go, say – wait, and so for days. The question of admission has to solve. Well, who is anyone to decide that lucky. The rest just die or miraculously survive. And, of course, don’t even count, not to spoil his wonderful the state statistics”, – said Shenderovich.

He noted that in Russia now is it just about survival.

“Putin has built a antisocial state. And it’s not a design defect is a design! It is one thing when it was about social inequality in terms of access to the oil windfall, Barvikha and yachts, but now, as it is written in the book of job, came to the flesh… we are Talking about survival. And ignorance of the people begins to cost many lives”, – said the writer.

Shenderovich recalled the situation with the protests of a certain part of the country’s residents for fair elections and expressed the opinion that before the rest of the citizens then “got” why this is necessary.

“You were too lazy to fight for fair elections, dear Russians? – well, why fair elections under 120 dollars per barrel? You throw on top of that piece, to share the bounty. And guess what stole the elections turn out thieves in power, the thieves order thieves attitude to people was difficult? Using brains is not reached, comes through the lungs. Deadly school. But at least now something came…” – said the writer.

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