“She played men’s hearts:” the school friend, Megan Markle told how she seduced him at the party

While Meghan Markle wants the press to leave her alone, people from its environment (current and past) continue to reveal all new details about her life and character. Recently, on the temper of the Duchess spoke to the operator who worked with her during the filming of the series “Force majeure”. And recently spoke about Megan and her school friend NEMA Vand, star of the reality show “Bravo”. In one of the new podcasts the man said that the school Markle enjoyed great popularity.

“She always knew what he was doing and expertly played with men’s hearts. Once we were together at the party — she sat on my lap and we were nose to nose. For 16-year-old is a very emotional moment. Megan told me in Farsi that I’m beautiful. I asked how she knows Farsi, and she replied that she learned this phrase for me. And then she left. From the moment my 16-year-old heart was no longer beating like before…” — said a lot.

Here’s the details!

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