“She made me even a little repelled”: Potap admitted that he did not immediately fell in love with Nastya Kamenskih

Looking for a happy joint photos of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, it seems that these two have been together forever. In principle, given all the years that the stars have worked together, somewhere, the way it is. But as it turned out, the sympathy and the more love to each other appeared between them not immediately. About this producer told Instagram show Olya Polyakova’s “Truth or dare”.

“I don’t liked it. She’s such a temperamental and loud, and she’s just seven years he lived in Italy and adopted this style. It seemed to me that it is somehow not our way, it got me a little push. And then it showed your character when I said about one of the songs: “anything I’m going to sing?”. Then I got angry and we had a period when we really disliked each other. We even went to different machines”, — said the artist.

However, Potapov admitted — immediately after meeting with Nastya felt met their fate. “When I met Cindy, I knew that it is forever. I immediately realized this. But I that thought myself pushed away as he could, by hook or by crook. Still, love won. At what point — I honestly don’t know. There have been several moments, these flashes different,” he admitted.

Very romantic!

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