Shaternikova spoke about Usyk and Lomachenko, Conor criticized Habib

Your attention is invited to the selection of the main news and materials on for Tuesday, 12th may.

1. Alina SHATERNIKOVA: “If Lomachenko and Usyk Russians are brothers — it is their choice”. The ex-world champion a different opinion.

2. A veteran of the anti-terrorist operation caused the Tendril to fight. But later, he apparently changed his mind.

3. “Habib, you are a complete disgrace and hiding rat.” In Conor badly burnt. Irish fighter wrote a dozen posts on Twitter after UFC 249.

4. Alexander ALIYEV: “the Father was stunned that I in Ukraine”. The footballer explained why the teenager decided to transition from “Spartaka” Kiev “the Dynamo”.

5. Alina SHATERNIKOVA: belt Sold for 20 thousand and gave the money for the treatment of soldiers ATO. Ex-world champion on Boxing spoke about his noble deed.

6. Rafailov explained why “dawn” broke up with Vernydub. Specialist — the reasons for the resignation of the former head coach.

7. Artem FRANCS: “Igor Surkis admits his mistakes in the management of “Dynamo”. Ukrainian sports journalist personally discussed the situation with the club President.

8. VIDEO. Yarmolenko suggested English fans to learn the Ukrainian word. Midfielder “West ham” took part in the challenge of the English club.

9. Ideal “Olympic”. Top team of the club. Despite the lack of titles, Donetsk can boast of a very decent “academics”.

10. “Trautmann” — a film about a soldier of the Wehrmacht who became a legend of England. Vitaly Pasichny tells about the picture about the legendary Burt Trautmann.

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