Shakhtar – Obolon-Brovar – 4:0. LIVE

Friendly match.

Shakhtar – Obolon-Brovar – 4:0

Alan Patrick, 9, Marlos, 21, Marcos Antonio, 75, Aunt, 76

Stepanenko, 12, Khocholava, 19 – Valeev, 39, Prokopenko, 43

Shakhtar: Pyatov (Trubin, 46) – Ismaily (Bolbat, 32), Khocholava (Krivtsov, 46), Vito (Dentinho, 77), Vakula (Dodo, 46) – Alan Patrick (Marcos Antonio, 46), Stepanenko (Pikhalyonok, 46) – Taison (Linnet, 46), V. Kovalenko (Solomon, 46), Marlos (Aunt, 46) – Fernando (Moraes, 32, Sickan, 77).

Subs Not Used: Shevchenko, Gritsenko.

Obolon-Brovar: Fedorivskiy (Litvinenko, 46) – Maidanevych, Semenko, K. Kovalenko, Bezugly – Valeev, Pocatilu, Prokopenko, Slobodyan (Kovbasa, 58), Medina (Gucci, 48) – Batalski.


Referee: Ivan Bondar (Kyiv)

Stadium: the sports center “Svyatoshino” (Svyatoshino)

82 min Calmly brought the Pitmen the game until the final whistle.

79 min a Foul on Gucci made locomotive miner near free. To Trubin in the end had to take up the shock with the standard of the opponents.

 77 min SUBSTITUTIONS AT SHAKHTAR. Instead of Vito took the field Dentinho, and Sickan replaced Moraes.

 76 mins ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! My aunt almost from the goal line pushed the ball into the net after a cross from Solomon from the left corner of the goal! Perhaps the manor and he was beaten in this episode, and Litvinenko slightly tweaked the trajectory.

 73 min GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Antonio picked up the ball at the entrance to the semicircle near the penalty area and then laid a sumptuous Curling shot into the right top corner!

72 mins the lady into the free zone on the right flank, but the transfer Moraes in his direction was inaccurate.

71 min TIME! Gucci has completed a counterattack with a strike after the offset from the right flank. Trubin on the spot!

70 min there was no one to close the chamber from the right flank from my Aunt.

69 min Konoplyanka escalated the situation on the left flank the ball to move Bolbat, but Sergey managed to get ahead on the ball Litvinenko.

67 mins Moraes took the ball on his chest in the penalty area after a pass Bolbat.

65 mins Transfer Aunt from the right wing was intercepted and the ensuing corner, the Brazilian filed in the goalkeeper’s hands.

62 mins Litvinenko ahead of Moraes on the ball when a pass from deep from Marcos.

61 min Rolls the ball across the field the miner in the Central area.

 58 min SUBSTITUTION AT OBOLON-BROVAR. Instead Slobodyan game will continue Kovbasa.

57 minutes Tackle Bezugly not allowed Moraes to play the ball closer to the goal on the left flank of the penalty area.

55 min DANGEROUS! Trubin took the ball over his goalkeeper after the accented blow his head off Prokopenko!

53 min. Inaccurate transfer from the left penalty corner to the centre to Moraes followed.

51 min. TIME! Spectacular bisikleta from Moraes Bolbat after filing with the left flank! The ball landed in a hull defender, then went behind the front.

The composition of the miner on the second half: Trubin – Bolbat, of Vita, Kryvtsov, Dodo – Pikhalyonok, Marcos Antonio – Linnet, Solomon, Tete Moraes.

49 min. Valeev poorly framed foot under dribble Konoplyanka on the left wing. Shakhtar midfielder remains on the lawn.

 48 min SUBSTITUTION AT OBOLON-BROVAR. Gucci will continue the game instead of Medina.

47 min free-Kick earned Solomon the right edge of the box.

 46 min. SUBSTITUTIONS AT SHAKHTAR. Linnet, Solomon, Dodo and Marcos Antonio, Solomon came out from the first minute of the second half

46 mins the game will Continue with a little rain.

46 min SUBSTITUTION AT OBOLON-BROVAR. After the break, the place Fedorivskiy at the gate took Litvinenko.



 43 min. high-Speed breakthrough Vakula on the right flank decided to foul to stop Prokopenko. Yellow.

42 mins GOAL! The ball in the net the net, but Medina was offside after a pass from the Central zone in front of the penalty, so his goal will not get the statistics.

40 min DANGEROUS! A direct free kick from Tyson hit the net from the outside at the left top corner!

 39 min. Valeev clearly lost in the speed Tyson has been forced to cut the opponent from the back.

38 min. Head struck Batalski after a cross from the right flank. It turned out kind of parachute into the hands of the goalkeeper of Shakhtar.

36 min. DANGEROUS! Curled the ball into the near corner with the standard Prokopenko. Pyatov calmly stopped the threat.

36 min: free-Kick earned the left corner of other people’s possessions Valeev.

35 min. Vakula went for a foul against Batalenkova on the right flank of another half.

34 min. Roll another attack Donetsk in the center of the field.

32 min. SUBSTITUTIONS AT SHAKHTAR. Fernando is replaced by Moraesand ismaily gave way Bolbat.

30 min. In the fight against Prokopenko fell to the turf in the penalty area for Marlos. The referee ignored the episode.

27 min. did the junction with Batalski with his penalty Vakula away in the end of the ball.

25 min. Vakula grappled in the struggle for the ball on the right flank of the attack of his team with Medina. A foul by a player of Shakhtar Donetsk.

23 min. Flow Vakula from the right flank was too high for Fernando.

 21 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Marlos cut efficiently delivered case Prokopenko from the ball after the transfer of Patrick in the penalty area, then went around the goalkeeper and shot into an empty net!

 19 min. Khocholava gracefully caught on the thigh Slobodyan on the flank, which is clearly not appreciated by the referee.

17 min: Fernando fought three rivals for the ball in the opposition half, but the number of opponents was forced to concede.

16 min. Found Marlos on the right flank of the penalty area with his pass Kovalenko, however, the 11th number is not able to accurately shoot at Fernando.

14 min. Kovalenko managed to get back to the defense when you counter-attack Obolon-Brovar in the left wing, headed by Medina, and calmly picked the ball from the opponent.

 12 min Yellow for Stepanenko for a rough tackle in midfield.

11 min. Continues to push rivals Shakhtar in a positional attack.

 9 min. GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Aimed shot from Alan Patrick inside the far post after combination with ismaily on the left flank!

7 min Slobodyan with the standard soft serve sent the ball into the hands of Pyatov.

6 min Batalski earned a free kick on the left flank in the fight against Stepanenko.

5 minutes is DANGEROUS! From the left flank acute shot past the goalie Prokopenko, but before Pyatov was only Vita.

4 min Goal was a cross from Vakula from the right flank delivered a free kick from the defenders.

3 minutes the TIME! Fernando just left the centre of defence opponents, but to beat Fedorivskiy full-time duel failed!

2 minutes TIME! Near the left top corner passed the ball after a direct shot Patrick with the standard! But it seemed to fly!

1 min. have Already managed to earn a free-kick in other people’s possessions Marlos.


On Wednesday, the 27th of may, there will be a friendly match, in which Shakhtar Donetsk will compete against “Obolon-Brovar”. The match will take place in Svyatoshino (Ukraine), the field of the training complex “Svyatoshino”, beginning at 11:00.

The current champion of the Ukrainian Premier League managed to beat their bitter rivals in the face Dynamo Kiev in the number of points in a situational confrontation friendly against Lviv “movement”. The Pitmen have shown that are in good condition despite a two-month quarantine, but now, in the match against one of the contenders to get into the “elite” for next season, will try to build on the successes achieved in the training process a success. will text broadcast of the match between Donetsk “Shakhtar” and “Obolon Brovary”.


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