Service Desk in the pharmacy network

Every day the employees of pharmacies solve many tasks: monitoring of the range, the invoicing, shipment of goods from the warehouse, communication with suppliers and contractors. Such activity should fix, execute, monitor, and thus nothing to lose. It is important to shopping drugstore point worked smoothly.

In the article – why the drugstore chain to “make” some of their processes in the cloud-based it solution and how to organize the interaction of its internal services through a single system of service Desk.

Why you need a service Desk?

Typically, the infrastructure of pharmacy chains is huge. It is composed of: headquarters and dozens of regional offices, storage facilities, a distributed network of pharmacies in Russia. Accordingly, it is thousands of pieces of equipment, trade, cash and computer equipment, furniture and other joinventure. This volume requires transparent accounting. Need all this time to buy, upgrade and maintain.

Does not print printer, sedoris overhead hangs the box office, broken refrigerator to store medication, no burning sign on the facade, over stationery… regardless of Central it office or pharmacy every network employees need to know where and on what issue to address, as well as who is behind these services is responsible and what the deadlines are met.

To organize such processes would the automation system as a single point of entry for all staff: it SUPPORT, personnel, accounting to departments, lawyers, contractors and other internal departments.

Typically, companies begin the process of working with orders via e-mail. For employees is a familiar and convenient channel of communication. But another question arises – how to receive regular, transparent statistics on loading units to control quality and turnaround time, and did not get confused that all applications processed and made. Via email is inconvenient.

At this point comes the understanding that the pharmacy network needs to find and implement a professional service Desk solution.

How to choose automation tool?

In order not to drown in the variety of presents on the market, you need to create a list of requirements for test systems, for example:

● providing a convenient channel for filing complaints for any questions;

● the simplicity of the interface;

● ample opportunities (not only accounting functions);

flexible scripts for automatic distribution and routing of requests to a distributed network;

● a mobile app for applicants and performers;

● a designer to customize solutions for their unique processes (the choice among platform solutions).



It is also worth considering:

● the scale of the implemented solutions for business and the experience of completed projects;

● lease the SaaS model does not require capital investment at the start of the project;

● flexible license policy: Personal (or individual) and Competitive (you are only charged the same number of players, not users) licenses for agents, that when large volumes will significantly reduce the project budget;

● do you need a license to applicants? Modern service Desk solutions, as a rule, a license is needed only to the performers, and the users to apply via personal Cabinet/portal – no;

● cloud-based solution: ease of customisation, support and updates, as well as the absence of costs for hardware;

● the willingness of the system developer involved in project implementation and to make settings;

● clear technical online documentation.

The launch of the it-system is different: someone introduces the selected system “as is” for 1-3 days, and someone immediately adapts to your tasks and processes.

What are the goals set at the start?

All companies are unique and each responds to this question differently. But we decided to present the most General, from my own experience:

1. To cover the capabilities of the it system in all regions of the network.

2. Record all requests via the service Desk. Any questions (it, HR, commercial, legal…), everything must pass through the system, and immediately distributed to the right team.

3. To get clear statistics on the work of the services across the vertical organizational structure from Central office to regional offices and specific pharmacies.

4. On the basis of the system data to control the Executive discipline, to make management decisions.

We often see the picture when successfully integrated service approach in it does not go unnoticed by other units, the project start to join even those units that initially did not plan to.

What tasks closes cloud service Desk?

Convenient channel of interaction between your internal services. Filing users of the applications by mail, through the portal or mobile app. Tracing the history of cases of progress.

Tiered service catalog. Detailed catalogue and categories of services, types of applications, rules, and processing routes. Established areas of responsibility. For each team determined who and what service is provided, on what schedule and in what time frame, the snap region.


Alert. Anything to miss or forget is impossible: the system will resemble what happens with the application with the help of various alerts (in browser, email or mobile app).

Interaction with external performers. Tasks contractors can also be run through the it system. Monitor their work will become easier. Setting permissions allows you to give access only to that information which is necessary for the contractor to perform its tasks.

What else?

A flexible solution will allow you not to stop on reached and to improve the quality of processes and services. You can develop the system in the desired direction, for example:

1. To expand the reporting system.

2. Making seamless integration with other it systems of the pharmacy network for data exchange.

3. To organize the accounting and inventory of it equipment, which will allow to identify the frequency of failure, plan maintenance etc.

4. To create a comprehensive technical passport of the pharmacy. Any item on the balance (on signs, entrances to storefronts and advertising structures), will gradually be brought into the system.

5. To automate any processes:

controlling display of the display using a photo through the Mobile app

○ autoRepeatDelay new applications for performers for the given parameters

○ the movement of it assets between pharmacies, inventory with barcode and qr-codes etc.

If you want to explore the topic more, come to our open webinar, which will take place July 9 at 11:00 GMT. On the webinar we will discuss the main challenges of automation of service processes in the pharmacy networks and our experience on real case studies of customers using flexible service Desk solution ITSM 365 from Naumen.

Manager, business development, Pavel Makarenkov.

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