Serhiy REBROV: “the Season was too long”

46-year-old Ukrainian coach of “ferencváros” Serhiy Rebrov waits for the start dates of the new season in Hungary.

— In the conventional sense of Ukrainian fans, your football is based on total control of the ball, but if you look at the statistics of matches on zero, played by teams under your leadership, you may give a different impression. Reliable support for you is the key to success?
— Ball control is only part of the game. Important but not the main. The compact arrangement of players on the field during the attack allows not only good possession, but quick to return after the loss. We worked hard on this, and therefore conceded less goals than last season.

I am sure you are eagerly awaiting news from UEFA, where he must finally define the contours of the European Cup next season.
— While we’re less concerned date of start of the new season in Hungary. The current League season ends at the end of June, and we will have time to relax. Now it is very necessary, because, in spite of the quarantine, our team almost did not stop work. The season was too long, because we started it on July 10 of last year and at the moment has already played 47 official matches.

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