Sergius Pritul – 39: 10 malodora facts about widuchowa

Today, 22 June, veduchikh New channel Sergiy Prytula svatku his 39-richchya. Sdavalsa b, for all rocky work Pritula on telebachanne gladac dznelia about ulubionego vedushego all lachey scho mozhna Bulo know. The fact proponam you dobirku malodora facts about Sergius, that is definitely good for you devout

1. About Sergiy Pritula wrote the book

Also in 2011 year on radio Nova Zeland proykov contest winner yakogo trimas Sunni prize – posdru in Ukraine s Mehta sex tourism. Danusis about TSE, Sergiy Prytula noruwa action at answer scho otrimali call “On Zealand!” Peredati of Novoselytsya “from Ukraine” from Ukraine pahau pismennik I traveler Maxim Karuk. All TSE Karuk describing from their knigts “On Zealand!”

2. Sergiy Prytula newcase in Mali Academ of Sciences of Ukraine

From 1997 year sinav other meeting place in Ukraine on Zahist Naukovo of work.

3. Once Sergiy Pritula took palczewski VDAC

History talasa in Lugansky region, de Serge pereboeva iz volonterskoy MSU. Wypadkowe viyskovi on one z block postw region, not itsnasa Pritula, were welikala polcy through vastly have vedushego documents scho vstanovleni person. That all zakonchilos safely!

4. Prytula spravzhniy lover

Nod before cob ziomek “Hto zverhu?”, “Children against Zirok” that NSA projectv, that story Novyi channel, Sergiy ask Moi music on the marketplace. Also veduchikh love posluhat , in mashini.

— I usually if jju, sluhay radio, says Prytula. — Newt nkoli don’t know man I preswim quiet, hto Spa. Just podobala song, and I do th pdsva.

5. The retinue of Sergius Katerina invented cumene pravish coloco

If I rally AKS praviln the way, I stink palmsout life no family ¿prihodzhu potim Dodoma, and me squad Sutra on Poros I kazhe: “Prishla my Wanna Wuttke”.

6. Sergiy Prytula not VM KATATONIA on velosiped

Tsey Delavigne fact Prytula be called a few more RSV ozvuchival in EFR show “Hto zverhu?”, the Yak pokazu Novyi channel.

7. In Universiteti Pritula not have vignali for misyats to producing diploma

TSE could statica through those scho maibutne veduchikh CCB watercom studentskog mtengo.

8. After perezda to Kyiv Sergiy Prytula arendovat apartment together with the participants Gurtu SKY

— Mi lived on vulitsi Patrs Lumumba (a — Aanna Paul II) together with the group “SKY”, and there is, sweno CCB madhouse! — SMSA veduchikh.

9. Serge samovarnik have znamenitih Actresses We Farmy Kern winnick

Obid actrice toil of Ukrainian origin I dosage ospho have their sprav, and TSE — privd for gordosti! Sergiy Prytula nedavno sznews scho Mr zaprositi h concert “Var yati show” pid hour tour in the U.S. Canad.

10. Once in Molodost Sergiy Prytula little not Dragisa on SPR.

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