Security system Snare will create problems, “parcel pirates”

In the USA there is a widespread problem of “mail order piracy”. Americans are widely used system of delivery of goods to the front door – which is being used by thieves. The parcel remains unattended and unprotected. However, even in the case of minor interference, the thieves usually prefer to retreat in search of easier prey. Canadian inventor Dennis Evans have developed a simple device Snare that is designed to create pilferers such problems.

The Snare consists of two parts – stainless steel mounting bracket which attaches securely to a wall or other surface, and the primary node, which is a rubber-coated aircraft strand cable, which in turn is locked by key.

In accordance with the delivery instructions provided by the user when ordering the goods, the courier places the package into the loop and then firmly tighten the cable. Weaken it impossible until then, until the owner unlocks Snare his key.

Of course, to exaggerate the reliability Snare is not worth it. If desired, the cable can be cut with bolt cutters. But an even easier way is to open a cardboard box with a package and pull out its contents. But less determined thieves Snare will almost certainly be deterred. The device can already be ordered on Kickstarter for 51 dollar. In the future, its price may rise to $ 75.

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