Scientists reconstructed image of Stone-age man on his skull

In 2012, archaeologists found at the bottom of the lake in Western Sweden, the remains of ten people in the Stone Age. Out of ten people none of them had a jaw, and two skulls were impaled on stakes driven into the lake bottom.

We probably will never know how the skull of one of these men, who lived 8,000 years ago, was at stake, but thanks to modern technology we can see how he most likely looked like.

Expert-Reconstructor Oscar Nilsson used the skull as well as derived from genetic and anatomical data to reconstruct the bust of a man of the Mesolithic period. He was a blue-eyed brunette with light skin and he was about 50 years. Ancient man belonged to a group of hunter-gatherers, which included genetic line of people who came to Scandinavia in the North, East and South over 2000 years before.

Short hair men with a small tail of hair on the back allows you to see a 2.5-centimeter wound on his head. However, the cause of his death was not it – what’s more, various wounds on the bodies of his relatives, raised from the bottom of the lake, are clear evidence of healing. The reasons why these people died and why were at the bottom of the lake remains a mystery.

Reconstructed Mesolithic man bust currently on display in Motala, Sweden.

Wooden stake on which was impaled the head of a man

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