Scientists have discovered a new species of spider with the color of the famous Joker

Unusual spider discovered in Iran by a group of scientists from the University of Turku (Finland) under the leadership Alireza Zamani. It is distinguished by red-and-white pattern on the back, very reminiscent of the famous Hollywood makeup kinologija the Joker in the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. In honor of the actor of the new spider called Loureedia phoenixi. Ironically, it belongs to an already known genus Loureedia, which scientists named in honor of the cult punk rock musician Lou reed, who often wore black makeup and rarely smiled.

This genus was first described by scientists in 2018 and currently has a total of four species. However, fans of exotic insects should not be too complacent: to see the creepy smile of the Joker is not so easy because of the tiny size Loureedia phoenixi – he’s only 8 mm in length.

Another reason is their secretive way of life. Most of the time the spiders are under the earth, emerging on the surface only three weeks (from late October to mid-November) for procreation.

Intrigue in the research adds the fact that scientists still managed to find only males. The search for females not yet come to fruition.

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