Scientists had to rename a lot of genes, which confounded Microsoft Excel

As shown, familiar to all Microsoft Excel is a serious headache for geneticists. The fact is that many of the genes are remarkably similar to the calendar date that Excel willingly and without asking puts in its own format.

And since Microsoft, for obvious reasons, not going to upgrade their product specifically for the needs of geneticists, scientists had to rename 27 human genes (for example, MARCH1). The work took about a year and recently in the scientific community was published the memo on the new names.

Excel is an important tool in any company or research lab, but he is famous for his very aggressive formatting. And since all the entered data have to be adjusted twice: first, it should make the scientist, who introduces them to the program and then the user who downloaded the data and accidentally launched a formatting – some errors slip by unnoticed. In 2016, the journal Genome Biology conducted an investigation and reported that approximately 20% of 3597 studied articles on the genetics contain errors Excel.

According to scientists developed rules, all the found genes will now get names that are unable to run the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Excel – for example, the gene MARCH1 now called MARCHF1 and SEPT1 – SEPTIN1.

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