Scientists go hunting for ancient giant rodent

Australian scientists plan to organize a series of re-excavation in the country at those places where it was previously discovered fossil remains of merostomes. The goal is to find the most complete specimen of a large species and thereby prove or disprove the existence in the past here these lethal giants. A Australians, there are many scattered fragments but only one complete specimen Adelophthalmus waterstoni – crumbs with a body length of 5.7 cm

The unofficial purpose of the search is to find something similar to Jaekelopterus rhenaniae, the largest invertebrate creature in Earth’s history. The length of its body reached 2.5 m, and a huge half-meter of the chelicerae could handle any production. These giants had a lot of food, and they lived in a time when the world was ruled by arthropods, so hardly anyone could challenge the most powerful of the rodent.

Australian scientists believe that due to its size and power reconocen could occupy the same position in the food chain of that time as the modern white shark. Apparently, he was the dominant predator that could eat like fish, and less fortunate brethren. If in the Paleozoic sea of fallen man, he also probably would have become his dinner.

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