Scientists explain the greater vulnerability of men before COVID-19

Men can be more vulnerable to coronavirus infection because of the concentration of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (АПФ2) in the blood. To such conclusion scientists from the University medical center of Groningen (the Netherlands), the results of their study may 10, was published by the European Heart Journal.

The researchers noted that the coronavirus can become infected people of different ages, but are more susceptible to it elderly people with cardiovascular disease, especially men.

At the first stage in the study involved 1485 men and 537 women from 11 European countries, the second – 1123 men and 575 women. All of them have had heart failure. The average age of men who participated in the study was 69 years, women – 75 years.

The participants in the study, researchers measured the concentration of АПФ2 in the blood and came to the conclusion that of male patients was significantly higher than in women. Because АПФ2 allows the coronavirus to infect healthy cells, the difference in its concentration may explain why men are more vulnerable to the virus, the researchers said.

“АПФ2 is a receptor on the cell surface. It binds to the coronavirus, which allows it to penetrate into healthy cells and infect them after the enzyme was modified by another protein on the surface of cells, called TMPRSS2. Concentration АПФ2 in the lungs is high, therefore, it is believed that they [the receptors] are playing a crucial role in the progression of lung diseases associated with [coronavirus infection] COVID-19”, – quotes a press-service medical center Professor of cardiology Adrian Voors, who led the study.

Scientists also concluded that the regular administration of specific drugs against heart failure, known as ACE inhibitors, does not affect the high concentration of АПФ2 in the blood (previously it was thought that effect). Therefore, it is said in scientific work, patients with heart failure should not stop your medication.

The study did not participate infected with the coronavirus, so noted by scholars, they are unable to draw conclusions about the direct connection between the disease and the concentration АПФ2 in the blood. In addition, the level of АПФ2 was evaluated only in the plasma, however, as noted edition Yahoo Style UK, a high concentration АПФ2 also in the heart, kidneys, and testes.

Professor Paolo Madeddu from the University of Bristol (UK) in the comments of Yahoo Style UK called the study of the University medical center Groningen interesting, but emphasized that doesn’t agree with the conclusions of the authors. He expressed surprise that the study did not involved patients suffering from COVID-19, and noticed that the difference in concentrations АПФ2 in the blood of men and women, though statistically significant, it is not significant.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University, the total number of infected people in the world exceeded 4.1 million people, of which more than 284 thousand died, 1.4 million recovered.

According to the data of who, COVID-19 is transmitted mainly by droplet infection, i.e. through the droplets that are secreted from the respiratory tract of the patient, for example when coughing, Chania or when communicating. In the organization noted that in older adults, and individuals with concomitant diseases, such as hypertension, heart disease, or lung, diabetes and cancer, the probability of severe disease is higher.

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