Schalke are the worst team in the Bundesliga right now. But don’t blame the coach

“Hello, darkness, my old friend. I came back to talk to you.” (C)

At halftime of the first home match Schalke against “Augsburg” DJ very well have included The Sound of Silence performed by Simon & Garfunkel. Obviously, he thereby wanted to emphasize the lack of fans on the podium and complete silence. However, this more looked like a message to the entire club. Schalke is in darkness. And the light at the end of the tunnel.

The last victory “cobalt” in the Bundesliga already dated 17 January, when in the first match after the winter break they beat “Borussia” M (2:0). Since then, Schalke has not won in 13 games in a row with a total score of 5:27. And a good start of the season allows Gelsenkirchen to stay 10 points behind the zone of transition matches. Otherwise, they would be one of the main applicants for a departure.

In the standings the second half of the season, Schalke is a humiliating last place. Only worse “Paderborn”.

The team completely absent at least some thought and creativity in all lines. The majority of Schalke loses at trivial long-distance transmission with based on the speed Harita Amin, Benito Raman and Rabbi Matondo. That’s just all they are weak in physical combat and the defense of the opponents problem that is banal to take the ball with the body.

Protection Schalke are a horror. No coherence, constant errors when trying to do the offside trap, and a complete lack of discipline. To all this was added the constant mess in the goalkeeper position. The club did not like that Alexander Nubel decided to go to Bayern on a free agent, and decided to make major Marcus Schubert. It turned out that the former goalkeeper of “Dynamo” Dresden too crude for the Bundesliga, and once again began to put Nobela. Should I explain that after all that happened Alex playing carelessly?

Twitter Schalke. Alexander Nubel

Take for example the game against “Augsburg”. “Rogues” they controlled the ball 70% of the time, but was granted only 4 shots on target, 2 of which after standard. The match ended in their defeat with the score 0:3.

So what is this all about? How is it that a performer of the playoffs last Champions League has come to similar results? Highlight the main reasons.

Fatal errors in the transfer market

If you ask me, a club from the top 5 leagues in recent years have been the most incompetent management without hesitation I will call it for Schalke. It is necessary to have some incredible talent to let go for free Leon Goretzka, Joel Matip, max Meyer, Seada of Kolasinac, Alexander Nubes, Roman Neustadter, Christian Fuchs and Eric Maxim Choupo-Motinga. But in these transfers, the club could earn a total of about 200 million euros.

This is just the height of incompetence and irresponsibility on the part of the managers of the club.

But, despite the failure of sales, Schalke continued to beat their own transfer records for the acquisition of new players. So here is the top 6 most expensive players in the history of one of the cult clubs in Germany:

1. Brill, Ambala – 26.5 million euros. Failed at Schalke and was sold to Borussia M over 10 million.

2. Nabil Bentaleb is 19 million euros. Good start in Gelsenkirchen, but was willfully violate the discipline. Now sent in rent in “Newcastle”.

3. Sebastian Rudy is 16 million euros. Passed in the national team of Germany. The season-2018/19 was given a couple of distinct matches and was loaned to the Hoffenheim.

4. Ozan Kabak – 15 million euros. So far, the only good transfer. Turk was one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga in the first round, but received a severe injury which almost did not play in the second half of the season. In the future could cost a good of money if not to wait and he will go free agent.

5. Klas Yang huntelar 14 million euros. Second top scorer in the history of the club. There is no question: with its purchase Schalke hit the bull’s eye. Here only it is already ten years ago…

6. Yevhen Konoplyanka – 12.5 million euros. Yes, Schalke have paid over 12 million for a player who in three seasons scored 6 goals and recorded 7 assists in 57 games in the Bundesliga. With all due respect to your Wife, the level of the championship of Germany he did not pull physically. But there was a feeling that in Gelsenkirchen just turned a blind eye to his problems in “Sevilla” and paid serious like sum.

Twitter Schalke. Yevhen Konoplyanka

As you can see, wisely invest the money in players at Schalke corny do not know how. In conditions when there is a club not at the expense of a rich uncle, a series of such punctures leads to only one – a financial crisis.

Schalke almost most affected by the pandemic

If the Bundesliga has not resumed, Schalke by the end of June would be on the verge of bankruptcy. The club for several years does not pay for itself, and participation in the European competitions was the only salvation.

In case of lack of money for the rights from TV broadcasting, * Schalke would go on the bottom. That is why the club have started looking for foreign investors. In the German media don’t exclude the option that 49,9% of shares of “Schalke” will go to one person or company. Like “Hertha”, which decided to invest Lars Windhorst.

This is why Schalke has a new sports Director Jochen Schneider, who previously worked in “RB Leipzig”. Fans may hatiti bulls for a departure from tradition, but German football officials saw the case: “How to create a club from scratch, having at hand a good investment”. Therefore, all who will be in financial crisis, will try to find the money, spit on traditions. The rule of 50+1 obsolete. And podkarantinnoy conditions will have no choice but to seek money on the side.

Of course, Schalke all know about the financial problems. Leading players have no idea whether they will stay with the team next season, because they’ll try it more profitable to sell. Obviously, this affects the atmosphere in the locker room and on the pitch. Current Schalke are not a team. Just a set of random players. Someone went there to rent on the uselessness (of Modibo, Kenny, Miranda), someone just happened to be at this level by chance (merdzhan, Boudjellal and other young people). A single mechanism here is not to look.

And blaming it all on Wagner

Yes, the season will end, and David Wagner fired. Spit on the fact that it is in principle impossible, and in the circumstances of this chaos gave an excellent first half of the season. Exactly like spit that in such circumstances, no coach in the world will not be able to achieve a good result.

Twitter Schalke. David Wagner

It was the same with Domenico Tedesco, who narrowly won the team second place, but the following season failed. In football it always. Blame all the troubles on the head coach. But the fish rots from the head… In the “Schalke” this head has long rotted and is starting to whiff.

“Hello, darkness, my old friend. I came back to talk to you.” (C)

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