Samsung introduced a substitute window that generates artificial sunlight

Technology incubator-Samsung’s C-Labs have provided extensive support SunnyFive a startup that develops an ersatz Windows, able to generate light identical to the sun. Interest in such projects arose from the analysis of the problems that brought the pandemic COVID-19. Forced to stay at home, people massively complain about the lack of sunlight, these window systems would solve this problem

Essentially Windows SunnyFive are deeply modernized with colour therapy used for seasonal affective disorder. The human body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D, so lamp not reproduce abstract glow, and a full spectrum of natural light of our star. He bears no risk of sunburn or the development of cancer.

Advantages SunnyFive in the new interface, which turns the lamp into an analog window. For example, the brightness of the light changes throughout the day, mimicking the natural cycle, and its source turns to create realistic shadows. Can be set up to display complex effects, like twilight or bright sunrise, to apply different scenarios to use the lighted window as an alarm clock, etc. the Possibilities are so many that Samsung plans to add these Windows to your smart home system SmartThings.

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