Salad bowl Bavaria Cup and Napoli is the phantom goal

Big football has finally returned, and with it came our section devoted to his major events. To officially determine the winners of various trophies, and this is definitely worth mentioning.

The title of the Eurotour

This is a long-awaited, and it happened: Bayern Munich won the eighth championship in a row. The opponent for the championship match turned out to be a match: star of the South had previously won at “the Werder” 21 games in a row, 18 in the League and three in the Cup. And even searched 18 wins – a record for the history of the relationship of any two teams in the championship “big four”. Werder Bremen for Bayern – the sweetest client, not ogorchatsya Bayern almost the same time when playing in the final of the UEFA Cup with Shakhtar.

And who would have thought that this team will make the Star of the South nervous and close to at least delay the celebration for a few days. Werder Bremen have long held a defensive stance faltered after the workshop of the game Robert Lewandowski on the line of offside, but in the second half, drove great Bayern.

The task was greatly complicated by Alfonso Davis, earned the removal. After that, the coach of Werder Bremen changed one striker after the other appeared on the field even 40-year-old Claudio Pizarro – indeed, in the last minute of Yuya Osaka had a great chance to equalise. But Manuel Neuer, the magnificent Neuer helped Bayern at the right time. He was able to cope with the trauma, and local decline after the 2018 world Cup, and with the universal prejudice. Current Manuel – again goalkeeper top level, the likes of which few in the world.

When so many titles, they need to sort, to separate. What is different about this silver salad bowl “Bavaria” from all the rest? In the first place – a Grand, dazzling progress during the season. In the last 18 rounds, the star of the South 17 wins and one draw: the super series started in the match against Werder Bremen won at home with the score 6:1.

But from the first 14 matches of the championship they won only half! Was the humiliating defeat of 1:5 in Frankfurt, and a home draw with “Gerta” and humiliating seventh place in December. The dismissal of Niko Kovac, the replacement of the Croatian flick on led to the output of the command to a new level: now it looks to be the favourite of the Champions League.

Domination by Bayern, a kind of theatre of one actor can be annoying – but what if equal Bayern team in Germany to find? Who can be put on one level with them: Borussia Dortmund, which only yesterday managed to lose at home, “Minzu”, or “RB Leipzig”, which loses points with “luck”? They Neuer and müller, Lewandowski and Alaba – just a great demonstration of this, too, can enjoy.

Cup Eurotour

In Germany we determined the champion, and Italy Cup winner. In the match at the Stadio Olimpico trophy played in “Napoli” and “Juventus”. The tournament ended universal swing Aurelio de Laurentiis: after bezgolevym 90 minutes “Ricardo” was stronger in the penalty shoot-out.

Penalties, of course, a lottery, but need very much to be too clever by half to work with the team to the match for the title of best player in the billion dollar project was a 42-year-old goalkeeper. Juventus did not go, and crept to the title, and it would be extremely unfair if it won: one goal from a dubious penalty in two matches against AC Milan, the game is clearly the second number against Napoli… Buffon was rescued at the last minute after a corner: if not for a brilliant save from the veteran, Juventus wouldn’t have made and to penalties.

It is unclear what in Torino engaged in Surrey. At first he tried to put more team play, and I wasn’t too good. Then “Mr. 33” was adjusted to Ronaldo, but the team looks much worse than Allegri. Don’t work even brand features Italian – my digital nickname he earned thirty-three versions of the play, but Juventus closer to following them to pass, not to score.

Well, Ronaldo is clearly not in form: before the break, the partner rolled out a ball under blow of potentially scoring, but Cristiano simply didn’t manage to close the chamber. Prime version of the Portuguese has scored that with my eyes closed…

And Napoli can be a proud, bold and bright game, a victory over top-club in the center of the field and deserved the title. On the way to the Cup was defeated Lazio in the 1/4, inter in the semi-finals and now Juventus are the strongest team of the League! However, that SSC Napoli this season has ceased to be the three best teams in the League, the merit of de Laurentiis too, and no Cup will not be canceled.

Blooper of the Eurotour

No one, even the wood centre forward, no one, even the most mediocre goalie could not in this mid-PEC to be compared with Michael Oliver the referee of the match “Aston Villa” – “Sheffield United”. In the match, which was the first in the Premier League after quarantine, forcing survivors coronavirus Pepe Raina Norwegian goalkeeper of Arian of Newland wrong, missed in one of the episodes the ball over the line. Seen it all, including Oliver himself, but Michael did not dare to point to the center of the field, as his hand vibrated sensor Hawk-Eye.

It turned out that the system of recording of goals, which appeared in England seven years ago, for the first time failed. The company has already apologized, but “Sheffield”, which is due to this error we lost two points (the game ended 0:0), that does not help. Coach of the “blades” Chris Wilder accused the people behind the monitors:

“We were waiting for someone in the headquarters of the VAR will show a bit of courage, smite their Breasts and say, “I accept this decision,”… last year we went to Tottenham, and I spent 10 minutes standing in the rain and waited, until they decide, climbed if John Lundstrom with his finger in an offside position. I don’t understand why we couldn’t wait 10 minutes in the rain in Birmingham. I have to say, I’m very sorry about the two main actors, Michael Oliver and Chris Kavan. We are convinced that they had to transmit information about the error, and we asked about it.”

Interesting story that reminds us all that when something is wrong and the algorithm. Will expressed surprise at the passivity of Oliver: this is the same referee that took a Buffon and a penalty was awarded to Juventus in the 1/4 of the Champions League. But in this situation the judge just decided to settle for the role of add-on cars – perhaps fearing punishment for violation of the regulations.

The goal of the Eurotour

“Atletico” is gradually coming alive in the team Simeone won a major victory in the championship, scoring “CA Osasuna” five unanswered goals. Marcos Llorente in the third goal dealt with three rivals.

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