Safronov, fair and open trial. All journalists from operating freely, and not repression. Normal future without it is not

A few paragraphs about why we need journalists.

In December last year, journalist Katerina Gordeeva published a text about a five year old girl S.

The girl was born in an elite Moscow hospital premature, but healthy; parents are very strange people – felt that she was seriously ill and left the S. in the hospital. Not treated, to treat it was nothing, and just live under the supervision of a personal nanny.

Every month of such a life cost to parents is approximately 1 million rubles, but the money they had. Five years the girl C. did not leave the walls of the clinic. While the other kids went to section, communicate with peers and explore the life, her life was confined to the hospital fence.

The hospital tried to explain that the child is not the place, but I wasn’t very successful and payment was received properly. About a girl S. many people knew that, they got angry, I sighed, but did not change anything. Journalist Katerina Gordeeva – changed everything. After her text to a girl C. came to the attention of child services, began trial action. A few months later, parents have limited rights, the girl managed to pull out of luxury prison and transfer to a foster family. The girl is C. are accustomed to, but full of new experiences recently for the first time saw a dog.

This is one of many examples that reminds us the meaning of working journalists (not all, but many) – is to solve people’s problems. Yes, this is often the problem of idleness: to entertain, to divert, to carry away, to make a cultural injection. But often the problems, if not life, then health. Journalists (not all, but many) decide their address and recklessly, while the state is busy – or great deeds, or the dirty.

So when you see the news about how journalists come from searches, write out huge penalties for non-offensive criticism of the authorities or thrown in prison on suspicion of treason, it is wrong to perceive this as someone else’s problem.

In most cases, come to those journalists for whom people are more important than the state. So this is exactly your problem. And no matter who you are: the store clerk, employee of MFC or fighter of Regardie.

Because when injustice happens near you, and someone hurt you to go to the section, to communicate with peers and explore the life of the media (not all, but many) will be the first one who will fit for you.

Ivan Safronov, honest and open (not secret as it is now) of the court. All journalists from operating freely, and not repression.

No normal future without this there will be neither stores nor MPC, nor Regardie.

Source: yurydud / Instagram

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