S Perche vust: Ukrayinki about quarantine I coronavirus have Mexic, OAU that Turchin

Practical whole world of on Karantin through the pandemic coronavirus. Mi rosetum ukrainok scho live behind a cordon, Yak all vdbase have hnh Cranach. On cars — Mexico, UAE the Turkey.

Sofia Kasenic (UAE, Dubai)

About coronavirus there pocha say shte in CNC fierce, if Bulo bagato shave novih most cases sarazena in the UAE. Then vsih zaklikaet realno Mitya’s hands sudi z’yavylysya santizer. Ale Veliko panky spochatku TSE did not welikala.

The first, introduced scho obmezhennya in the Emirates, CCB hookah. Z 12 March Bulo zaboronen curití the hookah vsih the mortgages gromadska harchuvannya, next zakrili VSI knotete, parks roswag through declo days zakrili VSI fines -, and that basani, next — Bari, restorani hotel.

All pocidalo to dosit Spokane, people just povinn Buli positi the home to CNCA March, Mitya’s hands, minmesota contact z himi people. In pers dni quarantine in supermarkets Bulo dosit crowded, VSI hotly securitise on nastupni two Tien, ale decito akios products and I don’t patila. Then to the supermarket navti Bulo allowed zahoditi without a mask.

Through week introduced Komendantsky times — W 8 rain in the evening until 6 the wound is not mozhna Bulo vihodit on Voicu (only on the robot in the pharmacy), Tom scho vulitsi I the whole publci transport dezinfa. Ale rain in the evening up to 8 people on vulitsi Bulo bagato dosite — someone Gulev s dtime, htos zimasa sports. In stores that pharmacies ustanovili pozyczki for otrimannya distant in cars, vhid – only in MASC.

4 quina Villa holds scho vulitsi will desinas 24/7 vprodovzh two tiinv, that without nahalno consumer of vihodili s home is not possible (only on the robot, to shop Chi pharmacy). Dwellers of Viti s home, need to zapomniti form on Sait, de ukazana the reason for the exit. Also have vsih public mstah necessary didst mask, and vsih has zakritih public mstah (public transport, shops) — has th Gamow gloves. For neotrigonia CIR rules — a fine from Rosmer 300-500 dollars. When whod have supermarketi now Pereval bezkontaktni temperature thermometer.

On the cob quarantine I vihodila on probike skin rain in the evening, ale zaraz vyhodja lishe times for 5-6 days to the supermarket for groceries. Shipping products and I gotovo je Dodoma dіє Yak as I, only now zamovlennya required zabirat bilya head to the entrance of the adobes, vhid hens ran in budula of zaboroneni.

On happiness, nhco s MoH znajomych not Horv for the entire Tsey hour, that osobisto I don’t stowaways s procedure progoganda test coronavirus. Ale in the news postijno povtoryat, Yak date, if you have what simptomi for this reason horobi. It sarstrans online in najblizszy CLDC not koristuvacha gromadski transport, and hate Vlasna car or taxi on to Lorn, postijno bootie in mass the mittens. Tests, seem viscacha. Vartist one — 30 dollars, results coming through there.

Osobisto I’m at a time numerous Solutia to the maximum: duzhe rdquo vyhodja on volicu the mayzhe not kontaktu s himi people. Strause salicaria positive, although zmuchena will svatovete day narodzhennya in such umovah. Ale zaraz – hour visiprise, posimatic sports, pacitti, peredovaia Lublin flmi, nauchitsa you something Nova.


Sasha Omelyanets (Mexico City)

When the number of cases in Italy has increased, many people were worried and wanted to cancel the trip to Europe, I thought all this panic and confidently claimed that there is nothing to cancel is not necessary that this is another “flu” that frighten us, and we are already frightening.

When Covid-19 already delivered in the USA, and our American neighbors planned to close flights to and from Europe, where the virus has spread at an insane rate, I was afraid that Mexico also canceled flights, and not only from the European Union. Because to me, had to fly my mom. Mom’s plane was supposed to fly on March 20 and via Istanbul to fly to Mexico city. But in our countries (in all three), “like”, no one was sick, and we have little faith in the seriousness of the threat. As a result, the natural parents have not arrived.

In the same week, everything became much more serious. The week began on 16 March. Appeared the first 50, then 100 sick man, and to the day of the failed arrival of the parents, I was very glad they moved him.

Official quarantine in Mexico began on March 30, with many more office organization Mexico city and other large cities sent employees to Home Office March 16. Recommendations on isolation from the Ministry of Health received since the 19th of March, but disagreed with the opinion of the President of the country.

I write this on 7 April 2020, at the moment, according to the World Health Organization in Mexico 2143 sick people, and according to the Ministry of Health — 2785. I want to tell, what measures, how is the quarantine today, in Mexico city (capital of Mexico and the State of Mexico city, not to be confused with the State of Mexico). The laws in different States may vary, this situation may be different.

Quarantine takes place today based on the recommendations. Recommend to be home, not walking on the street, not to gather in groups, etc. The “clerks” recommendations: wash and disinfect hands, not to touch your face, keep your distance. Fines no arrests either. Taxis and public transport continues to operate normally. Residents of our huge metropolis on the streets is difficult to find. Restaurants, beauty salons, parks, shopping centers and other places of mass congestions are closed. Even the forests around the city are national parks, i.e. they have an entrance that is closed. Many restaurants are available for delivery or pickup. Supermarkets and pharmacies are open, they are now allowed only a few visitors at a time and one person from a family or company. At the cash register the gird lines allowed distance, are only cashiers and security products packers and packers are not working. By car you can come mask to wear preferably, but not necessarily. Personnel must wear special masks.

The state of medicine here is excellent. If you have good insurance, the General good. State master clinics that work with public insurance, too high-quality and well-equipped, but can be, in the case of a large number of patients, strongly filled in them and so are always long queues. According to the law of the country in cases of emergency, which is the coronavirus that any hospital is obliged to accept and help the patient, no matter what his insurance and material as of the moment, and soon obliged to deliver to the nearest clinic. What’s the score after will be presented to the patient, history is silent. The Mexican government claims that the country for several months ready for the epidemic and has all the necessary clinic equipment. To check, thank God, neither I nor anyone of your friends or relatives was not necessary.

In case of any symptoms of the coronavirus recommend to write SMS to the free number. If you suspect that this is really Covid-19, to a patient on house call control group, which, if necessary, make a test. If the presence of the virus confirmed cases does not fall under the risk group, it will leave the house by giving him a whale of assistance. It includes the necessary medicines, masks, thermometer and food for a short period of time. This will every day to call and check the status of the patient. In case of deterioration’ll send an ambulance. Yourself to go to hospitals is strongly recommended.

Officially staged by employees state currently commits to pay 100 % of salary, will it be next — time will tell. As for the washers, packers, many of the waiters and even administrators, and other non-formal workers of Mexico (of which 49%) – history, again, is silent.

How I live. March 20-I am in isolation and not even visit supermarkets. Need to go as such, no. Order products with home delivery, medication if necessary, too. Normal shipping time from grocery works quickly, about 1-2 hours. During the quarantine, of course, slower. In the beginning, delivered the next day, last time for 3 days. Shipping cost about 80 hryvnia, in some cases for free. Almost all the products are in stock, scarcity of rice, toilet paper or tissues is not observed.

In the meantime, to find antiseptics, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial wipes or soap is almost impossible. Masks at all. Say that 3 months ago, Mexico was actively selling the ones protecting from the virus masks N95 in China, and now China is trying to buy them. Since I have no protection except their own immunity and vitamins, my communication with people is limited. I live with my husband and cat, crazy alone is not going. We vigorously wash our hands and the flat, means for disinfection we were lucky enough to purchase, a lift is not in use, sanitize the machine when you want to use them. My house — my fortress. I do believe that my withdrawal will save many people.

Mar Karadeniz (Turkey, Istanbul)

If in the country of z avisa Perche Nicolini, nastri according italv our Mista CCB doval stanichny bagato hto pocas pancavati I kupovati macaroni, crupi, Toaletni PAPR (where do without Demba), conservi I, scho marvelous, cpsi. Ale at the moment shte th Bulo movi not about ACIS quarantine, navti of restorani pracovali.

Ale for declo days the situation is dramatic smylsya, restorani I CAV ERN have sochinili, pocha zainetica shop and, that produt goods not perso neophot, shop and clothing I etc Nastri the population became bisexual, I said, naprostem. Tbilisias digit number of people in masks, ale Deakin gromadyanam (zdeblick Tim, chii riven osti or serednioho) duzhe vazhko adaptivities pid TSI umove. The stench progulivali life to help our defenders ittam, progulivali otpravlyali their cinv in the army, zbrushes herd of 20-30 osib, nfcache one one.

Sugauchi on TSE, Vlad versile zaboraviti tack come in, I stampati strafe s poruchnik. Now people vimochan detrimental of vstanovlenih you like — nhco can’t go to the store/Bank/be-Yak sovereign ustanovu shorter Cauchi, ncode, de je many people, without a mask. Chi VSI razumot neophit of Zoho? Hi. Ale vimochan. I Baciu many people, that snimaut the mask on vulitsi, dagaut, sakadachi codes, and potim znovu snimaut not dacrymyces niyakogo rules GGN. I perekonna scho blesst population wage VSI TSI obmezhennya cimos newerlive.

Itsuno in the country no povnogo quarantine. , the request Vladi not vihodit on velicu without cranio consumer. Zaboronen of vyhodite tilki dtam, people VCOM to 20 years (on) for umove scho pratsyuyut not ti, and Tim who are 65+. Zaboronen the ghouls in parks, userii in Ls, robbiati kempny , walks in March. All come in this kind Gaborone. Also zaboronen of levity Riboud. For all TSE tagout strafe. Also strafe tagout for neotrigonia rules zberezhennya distant, for example in mscomm transport.

Data currently mi vyhodilo on velicu about every two tijn, sdemo in hupermarket, coumo go I PowerToy chekati best casw in the home. Of course, Karistos masks, mittens Chirurgie santinelli. All ocrm j, snowleo online. Go Ter can of semovita, ale Oskolki mi can on Vlasna avtomobl dohety to napupunta market, not hocemo shte bilshe avantajoase vzhe dosit of utoplena prank, yaki pratsyuyut vaiko dwellers zamovlen a potrapila to skin home vchasno.

Obid Sestri direct cholovika pratsyuyut in lornah. One of them chirurgy nurse NSA — genealog. Obid Mali contact z nicowanie. Watna Inca, that not selosa the home, walked provocati relative to an automated workplace ( “, potrapila likarnyu s pdorow on coronavirus. Shodam test patogiu diagnosis. Less than per week won . ” dytyna, unfortunately, not smogli podolati hvoroba I died. Zaraz mi maєmo 38,226 hvorih, blesst s yakih in Stambul. The situation stably, panki pokey scho no, Loren viscacha, staff also. Ale figures rostut, nhto not know, scho bude nastupnogo tyzhden. Today Vlad versile scho navt private lkern will be free of charge plumutica about hvorih on coronavirus, if in this will be needful (TSE kazhe us about those, scho the needful in this Buda, I. Mabuchi, vzhe soon).

Yak pass miy quarantine? Provoditi quarantine in the home, de Givet little I duzhe active duchini dvoh rokiv — fun! First week CCB duzhe wakim, dytyna not resume, chomu farther Raptor versile not voditi ” in the Park. Ale potim all yakos itself sobi became Nelahozeves. Mi beskie gramo in action igri, zrobili the home mini-Park z parusni zasobu I dodatkovo samovila gitachu the hoydalkoyu, grku the trampoline, has russtaveli all TSE at quarter I now zhivemo to Giacomo center rozvag. Vascular naso – family got svoï Puteri years hour naodintsi s themselves. TSE naprawd DOPOMOGA. Honestly Kazuki, will the home prolet doval Shvidko. Ale vzhe duzhe want pobachiti friends, sisters the other mother (mom cholovika). Mi VSI has skuchali one by one. TSE diysno vaico, but soon all will be good!

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