Russian doctors will be able to improve communication skills with patients

Resource “of Predoctoral” acquired access to online training program on effective health communication

Website patient feedback “Predoctoral” provides an opportunity for physicians to pass the free online training from practitioners on the topic of medical communications. The training program consists of 5 training video modules and verification tests, the results of which doctors learn how to gather information about the patient and clarify health information, breaking bad news and generally run a really effective technique.

“The goal of our work is to be useful both for doctors and for patients. Effective communication can solve most issues that arise at the reception. For example, according to VTSIOM, the main problem of domestic medicine is in the poor communication between doctor and patient. That’s why we chose a course that will be useful to doctors of all fields. It is one of Russia’s first online programs for the training of physicians in medical communications. During a pandemic, physicians can go online, on any of the gadgets, a training course and get a diploma. The course is designed by doctors who every day faced with different situations and complex patients and have the experience, which was collected in the framework of education”, – comments Sergey Fedosov, head of the website “Predoctoral”.

Free online training is planned to attract up to ten thousand physicians who will be able to improve their skills and learn new tools of interaction with the patient.

Rostislav Pavlov, co-founder of the course, head of Department surgical unit CUMT them. N. And. Pirogov, a practicing surgeon, founder of the online Gastrik.about:

The theme of effective communication with patients was important to me, from my own experience, when your friend is in a difficult situation, and the doctor quite tersely is receiving. While training at the Higher School of Oncology in St. Petersburg, I attended lectures on the subject at Vadim Guschin, used certain techniques in his practice and saw the result. About a year ago, together with Maxim Kotov we think about the course, its content and practical use. Initially the aim online program has been training young physicians and residents that only go to patients. Then, the course has expanded, they became interested colleagues, to pass, to give feedback. Such a program is a big future for both doctors and patients. It gives a basic understanding of how to build a consultation, what questions to ask and conduct the treatment.

The ability to pass this course for physicians will be valid until may 2021. Everything was on Predoctoral doctors will be able to get free access to a unique online program, which is dedicated to professional engagement with patients and improve communication skills. Note that the sponsors of the program Rostislav Pavlov and Maksim Cats are members of the European Association for communication in healthcare (International Association for Communication in Healthcare).

“At the Higher School of Oncology in St. Petersburg, where I was trained, we were first told that there are educational courses on communication skills with patients and that in the Western system of medical education is also necessary as the study of surgery or therapy. I went through several educational programs in communication with patients, including a course for teachers of communication skills in medicine from the International Association for communication in healthcare. After mastering the communication skills my communication with patients is really easier, understanding how to conduct a consultation in difficult situations (conflicts, communication of bad news). Physicians experiencing emotional stress in difficult situations and sometimes do not know how to act. Offline course not allows to cover a large number of doctors in contrast to online learning, plus it’s cheaper terms of money if the doctor to try to dive into the topic yourself. Our online program scales and is available to doctors, it allows you to develop basic skills and to give an understanding of how to use them”, – says Maxim Kotov, a practicing surgeon at SMRC of Oncology N.N. Petrov, co-founder of the course.

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