Russia made the US the bill for “humanitarian aid” of $660 thousand media

Russia put the U.S. on the account of $660 thousand for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. About it reports TV channel ABC News with reference to the documents in its possession.

It is noted that RF has put the United States thousands of items, generally not used by American doctors – for example, the chemical type gas masks and rubber gloves, used for home cleaning.

In addition, the humanitarian aid from Russia is also included 45 of ventilators, which it was impossible to use due to the difference in voltage (in the US all electrical appliances designed for a voltage of 110 volts, Russian IVL operate at 220 volts), the channel reports.

There were also thousands of respirators, surgical gloves, medical workwear and antiseptics.

“It was not immediately clear how useful was this delivery on April 1 in new York airport of a name of John Kennedy to nearby hospitals,” notes ABC News.

Batch of Russian aid was handed over to the authorities of the States of new York and new Jersey that have not yet answered the question of TV channel on whether the goods referred to hospital or remained in the warehouse.

ABC News reported that the composition and value of the goods, which previously nothing was reported, contrary to public statements of the Kremlin and the President of the United States Donald trump and raise the question of what exactly the goal pursued by Moscow, sending batch of humanitarian aid of the United States. Probably this step of the Russian Federation, known for its disinformation campaigns have done in order to change the public’s attitude, said channel.

March 30, trump said at a press conference that Russia sent the U.S. “very, very large” aircraft with medical equipment. “Avery nice,” said the U.S. President, he did not specify other details about the shipment.

1 April, Russia announced that the US flew the An-124 “Ruslan” the defense Ministry with the equipment. Federal Russian media pointed out that America has paid for the goods. “Channel” called it “medical aid”.

“Russia helps the United States to stop the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 and to cure the patient” – has commented on delivery of the cargo in the United States, Russian mission to the UN.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia “amid a difficult epidemiological situation in America has offered assistance in the form of medical equipment and means of protection” and that trump “accepted with appreciation the humanitarian assistance,” wrote the Agency TASS.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in December 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

As of morning on may 3 all over the world were infected by the coronavirus 3 428 422 people. Died COVID-19 243 831 people, recovered 1 093 189.

In the United States that are leading in the prevalence of the disease, the number of infected reached 1 133 069, died 66 385, recovered 175 382 people.

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