Russia is suspected of collusion with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The U.S. Congress demanded an explanation from the administration trump

Members of the U.S. Congress require the White house and respectyour country to disclose information about the possible order of the Main Directorate of the General staff of Russia, attacks and killings of American soldiers in Afghanistan. About it it is spoken in the letter of the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Nancy Pelosi at the head of National intelligence John Ratcliffe and CIA Director Gina had Haspel.

The reason Pelosi was the publication of 26 June in The New York Times, which spoke of the collusion of Russia and the militants associated with the Taliban.

“On Friday the press reported that, according to us intelligence officials, Russian military intelligence secretly offered to militants linked to the Taliban, encouraging the murder of American and coalition troops in Afghanistan. Press reports also stated that the national security Council the White house and other key administration officials were aware of this intelligence at the end of March and that the President [of the United States Donald trump] was informed. However, within three months, no action had been taken”, – said in the letter.

Pelosi argues that it is necessary to know if in fact trump informed about the actions of Russia, and if not, why not and why did not know about the Congress.

“Congress needs to know that the intelligence Department knows about this significant threat to American forces and our allies, and what are the options to bring Russia to justice,” she added.

According to Pelosi, the silence and inaction of the administration trump endanger the lives of American troops and coalition partners.

“The President’s refusal to confront the Russians also threatens life in the region, as the Afghan government and the United States are engaged in critical peace negotiations with the Taliban,” she concluded.

Russia and the Taliban rejected the information about the conspiracy. The US President Donald trump said that US intelligence does not believe reliable data about the involvement of the Russian Federation to the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

On June 29 edition of the Washington Post, citing us intelligence, said that the alleged Russia’s collusion with the Taliban led to the deaths of several American troops in Afghanistan.

The US sent troops to Afghanistan after the attacks of 11 September 2001. The decision was supported by the United States ‘ closest allies. Officially proclaimed aim of the war was the destruction of the military structure of “al-Qaeda” and deprivation of this terrorist organization positions in Afghanistan by the removal from power in Kabul the Taliban. Now under the control of Taliban is more than half the territory of Afghanistan.

29 February 2020, the U.S. and the Taliban signed an agreement about the beginning of the peace process in Afghanistan. It provides for a gradual withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, provided the Taliban would fulfill their part of the deal: will begin negotiations with the Afghan government would abide by the truce and to prevent the use of Afghan territory for activities that threaten U.S. security and its allies.

If the Taliban would fulfill their part of the agreement, the remaining U.S. troops must leave Afghanistan for 14 months.

9 March it became known about the beginning of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Over the next four and a half months the number of American troops in Afghanistan should be reduced from 13 thousand to 8.6 thousand

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