Russia is on the verge of a wave of crime because of rising frustration

In recent years, increasingly, information comes about that all over the country here and there people are trying to take away from others the simplest things – especially food. Of course, everyone noticed optimistic reports of the interior Ministry, saying that the crime situation in Russia has improved dramatically.

But it seems to me that the country is on the verge of a wave of small crimes committed because of the growing despair, spontaneously and not always prudent severely (although it does not justify anyone – you may recall the death of a pensioner in Tatarstan, which has roughly selected the cart with products). While I’m not about to say that all this should be attributed to the intransigence of the government and its unwillingness to give the people money for the duration of the quarantine. The problem is, I think, is deeper, and the allocation of benefits (for which I was advocating) is unable to solve it.

Russia is a country that for many years have not learned to live by the rule of law. It has laws, but these laws are selective and above all (here just POPs up from memory, quote Lactantius, an early Christian theologian) “defending acquired by robbery robbed the most” (Lactantius. Divine institutes V, 7). Russian laws primarily protect the state and “sovereign people” from the people; to understand it, at least enough to analyze the ability of a person to succeed in any claim against the state (unless the case comes to Strasbourg), as well as to compare compensation in connection with loss of human life, for example, a child in a tragedy like the incident on the Syamozero or a police officer, knocked on Novy Arbat where-that hurrying the employee of FSB.

The people sees the insincerity of the state, but nothing can oppose his power – and therefore begins to play as the logic of actions of the authorities within itself. A universal principle of government in Russia was, as said recently, Putin, the idea of “DAC-carp”, i.e. simple theft or extraction. This applies to business and politics.

Liked Bashneft to Sechin and Yevtushenkov is not her. Ukraine hesitated, distracted by their own infighting – farewell to the Crimea! And this approach of government is replicated at the grassroots level. Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi (What is permitted to Jupiter is not allowed to an ox) is not “rolls”, in fact this is the main problem for a poor country, corrupt impunity strong.

Refusing legal culture, legal building is horizontal managerial hierarchy, the Russian state 20 years was prepared by the social catastrophe that only delayed the appearance of prosperity for all. Disappear this appearance will disappear and the feeling of security that Putin’s power is supposedly brought to the country. Not the power (it is something just good secured), namely ordinary people who all want to eat, but not everyone can protect themselves from those who only yesterday seemed sweet and kind, and today was just more powerful neighbor…

Source: Vladislav Inozemtsev / Facebook

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