Russia is not going to cut oil production, Zelensky instructed to resume the work of the small business. The most important of Telegram channels

The editorial Board draws the reader’s attention that many popular Telegram-channels are anonymous, and published information is difficult to verify.

Russia is not going to cut oil production

Telegram of the Russian channel “Kremlin Makovec” arguesthat Russia is not going to fulfill the agreement OPEC+ on the reduction of oil production, which will enter into force on 1 may.

“From 1 may in effect limit production of OPEC oil+. Russia formally obligated to significantly cut production, to do this effectively is not going to. First, it deals a severe blow to Russian oil companies. If you stop on the number of wells in production, primarily in old fields and in the North, then it is extremely difficult to recover. No one to shoot yourself in the foot not ready. Second, Russia has a substantial tanks, allowing to take and accumulate extracted surplus and unclaimed oil buyers up to three months,” writes the public.

Zelensky asked Smagala to resume small business

“Resident” with reference to a source in the Office of the President reportsthat the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called on Premier Denis Smagala to remove restrictions for small business.

“Zelensky asked Smagala next week in stages to allow the work to small businesses. Will be developed for sanitary requirements for operation of restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and so forth,” according to “Resident”.

Akhmetov was “the new tariff bonus”

A former MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Sergei Leshchenko saidthat the businessman Rinat Akhmetov was “the new tariff business.”

“[The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities] on 29 April adopted a new decision favorable to Akhmetov. It boils down to the fact that the now inflated price of electricity for non-domestic consumers will operate on weekends. Earlier, due to lower demand among non-domestic consumers, the output price has declined. But, starting Friday, this rule will not operate. The result is: may 1 price in Ukraine will be the equivalent of €50, despite the fact that in Europe (e.g. in Hungary) it is €15 per mW/h,” wrote Leshchenko.

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