Russia has used the Treaty on open skies to surveillance of the trump Advisor

The white house accused Russia of using the Treaty on open skies to spy on US President Donald trump. About it on may 22 on air of TV channel Fox News said Robert O’brien, adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security.

He noted that the United States decided to withdraw from the Treaty because it is not fair. According to the Advisor to trump, it was only open sky United States to Russia, while “the sky over Russia for the United States was closed”. O’brien recalled that Russia is not allowed to conduct observation flights over Kaliningrad or the border with Georgia.

At the same time, said the representative of the administration trump, [the Russians] “fly over the White house, flying on civilian infrastructure”.

“They were tracking the whereabouts of the President: [to the residence] camp David or Bedminster (the city is the Golf club trump. – “GORDON”). They used the contract is not properly” – says O’brien.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992 in Helsinki. It allowed signatory countries to carry out unarmed observation flights over the territories of each other.

In August 2018, the US President, Donald trump has frozen the open skies Treaty with Russia.

October 27, 2019, referring to two us officials, The Wall Street Journal reported that trump signed a document about the US intention to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, but the final decision is not accepted.

21 may trump confirmed that in six months the US will withdraw from the Treaty. As stated by the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Russia turned the open skies Treaty in “a tool of intimidation and threats”.

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