Russia has tested space weapons the Pentagon

Command of the space forces of the USA declared on its website on July 23 that it has evidence of Russian tests anti-satellite space weapons.

July 15, the Russian satellite-the inspector was released in close proximity to the other satellite to new outer object, that the United States was seen as “non destructive test” a new type of weapon.

“The Russian satellite system, used for this orbital testing is the same system for which we have expressed concern earlier this year when Russia has held manoeuvres near a us government satellite,” – said the head of the operational activities of the space forces of the USA John Raymond.

The Pentagon accused the Russian Federation in contradiction to the stated mission of satellites is their true purpose. Such actions involve risk to the spacecraft of the US and its allies, says Raymond.

In 2017, the Pentagon said that Russia is studying new types of weapons, which ultimately will endanger us satellites. In 2018, the head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence of the USA Robert Ashley warned that Russia and China are developing technology that will allow you to intercept satellites as the ground and in orbit that can in the near future to deprive US leadership in space.

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