Rural health posts may be allowed to sell drugs

The state Duma will consider a bill allowing employees of FAP in urban areas where there are no pharmacies, to conduct pharmaceutical activities. About it writes “the parliamentary newspaper”.

The document was developed by the Arkhangelsk regional Assembly of deputies. The authors of the bill note that the region is extremely relevant to the issue of availability of medicines in urban settlements where there are no pharmacy chains. Often these towns are located on Islands, and live there, mostly citizens of retirement age for whom medication is vital. The regional authorities have repeatedly raised the question of the organization of pharmacies in these areas, but while they’re not there, as there are no facilities and professionals.

The authors indicate that medical aid to the population in remote areas of the urban settlements provide employees of obstetric units, which are subdivisions of municipal medical organizations. In the law “On circulation of medicines States” that these items are entitled to carry out pharmaceutical activities only if they are in rural areas. The project is proposed to distribute a specified rate and urban settlements, where there are no pharmacies.

A specific list of such areas of urban settlements is proposed to establish the regulatory legal act of the authorized body of Executive power of subject of Russian Federation.

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