Run, Pierre, run. Why Forward it’s time to say goodbye to Arsenal

None of the pandemic and stop the leagues does not interfere with development one transfer sagas, and appear to others. According to the British resource Express, the forward of “Arsenal” Pierre Aubameyang Americ filed an official transfer request. The striker’s contract with the London club expires next summer, and next summer may be the last opportunity for the gunners to earn something on the player.

The first thing to note about it: how unlucky Arsenal captains! Van Persie, Fabregas, Vermaelen, Gallas, and now Aubameyang played for the gunners with a win over biceps and in the status of captains rushed into the other team. The question arises, why do they give the dressing the main stars? The same Liverpool entrusted it to Henderson, who, no doubt, will play at Anfield for as long as is needed by the club. Maybe at least after the Forward the captain would, for example, Bernd Leno…

These thoughts come to mind because the player’s behavior does not surprise absolutely. It’s simple: Pierre-Emerick is the second consecutive year in the top best forwards in the League, but plays for a team not even in top five. He was top scorer in the Premier League last season, this was on the second place after Vardy and even thirteen games of the season-17/18 (back Gabonese moved to Arsenal in the winter) put ten goals. It is stable: in Borussia Dortmund Aubameyang was the best scorer of Bundesliga 16/17 with a mind-boggling 31 goal and in General for a long time was the only one who had a competition for Lewandowski in the fight for the title of best striker of Germany.

To hell with the details – compare the performance of the back Gabonese with renowned football stars. Over the past seven years, since the transition from Forward to Borussia Dortmund, he has 147 goals in the national Championships. Have Aguero – 145, have Icardi – 132, in Cavani – 138, the Kane – 136… And so on and so forth. Pierre-Emerick keeps the level superstable, no crashes for a long time, and angry fans long nezamenimy series. That it a little not that level, I do not even speak: it is clear that with Silva or Eriksen in support to score is somewhat simpler than the current Ozil.

While Aubameyang – to put it mildly, not just the tip of the spear. This season the Premier League back Gabonese played on the left flank of the attack, on the right, center and everywhere has different goals! The lion’s share of his career he played as a Central striker, but this season, his effectiveness as a winger: if for the edge he scored seven goals in fourteen matches, the “left” – seven in eight, and right three in three. The status of the leader of crisis teams has allowed Pierre-America to develop diversity,

Reasons why a striker was not a top club before? Maybe racism? No, of course – Aubameyang just opened late. He is a representative of a prominent football family: his father played 80 matches for the national team Gabon, played in Ligue 1 and got a job in a Milan scout. There, in a team with Kaka, Ronaldo and Inzaghi, he started his career our hero – but he rather hindered than helped.

Because to get to the core of the team Ancelotti was impossible, back Gabonese started to walk away in rent. Dijon in Ligue 2, Lille, taking off with it “Monaco” – Pierre-Emerick tried his hand in France, but could not reach the top level. His first command was the “Saint-Etienne”, which Aubameyang has signed a contract. By age 22, he had a funny sixteen goals on a professional level – which, of course, Domenichino the number of potential employers, all the objective difficulties of a footballer at the start of a career.

Interestingly, in the same team with Eden Hazard Aubameyang has previously played at Lille

Now Forward thirty – the age at which the score for the hitters starting to go for months. In his award sheet only national cups of France and Germany, the current Arsenal, very mildly, is unable to satisfy the large trophy ambitions, and the coming summer may be the last opportunity not only for the club something serious to make money, but for a player to get the chances of something serious to win.

Bright in all respects the player has Spanish roots and a childhood fan of “real”. The question is whether Aubameyang real: the team for the last two years acquired in an attack of hazard, Jovic, Rodrigo and Vinicius Junior, laying out for them more than two hundred million euros. And yet it seems to me that the attack is “real” now too fragile to give up the free top forward on the market. Jović is not happy for Rodrigo and Vinicius future could be real, but they need a consistently productive player here and now.

Aubameyang is sick for real, but is much more useful Barcelona, which with a series of transfer blunders he grew to outputs in Clasico Martin Braithwaite. Suarez injured, but it’s not so bad – the real problem is that he’s three years older than even the Forward. Ousmane dembélé is injured constantly, Coutinho on the team, it seems, had not expected – in General, diverse striker needs Catalans, as air. Interesting situation, if you are around the player circling the representatives of both clubs. Which of the two paths he will choose: closer to the heart or a better career?..

Typically such materials it is customary to discuss a potential transfer amount, but now it’s time to remember the uniqueness of the situation in which developing transfer Saga is the name of the Forward. Each day of quarantine exacerbating the crisis within the club, and the degree of depth of the “disease” from different groups become different, respectively, the conditional 50 million euros in June could mean absolutely not the money that means now. But anyway: to the Walls Krenke agree with the “Barca” or “real”, it is necessary that the Spanish were simply not interested in the transaction.

Aubameyang for nearly a decade, has pleased fans with his play. He proved his willingness to score in different leagues, on different teams under different coaches. All the moral debts the clubs have long covered – the same “Arsenal” rather, he owed him at least matches in the Champions League, not to mention the titles. It’s time to run for trophies, especially that run Pierre is able perfectly.

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