Rumor: another daughter Angelina Jolie is going to have a sex change

Recently brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have reunited to celebrate the 14th birthday of his daughter Shiloh. As noted by the insiders, for temporary reconciliation of the stars went because the girl is very close with both of them, and wants to be with dad as much time as my mom.

The actor, in turn, is also very attached to his daughter, and is proud of the fact that it “always remains true to himself”. In particular, pitt supported the plans for Shiloh to have a sex change, if this is really what she wants.

And now, as reported by the Western media, another daughter of Angelina and brad decided to have a sex change — this, according to insiders, the actress has told ex-wife recently. Netizens speculated that it could be 11-year-old Vivienne, who all imitate her older sister in particular, her style in clothing.

However, no official comments, as is the case with Shiloh, the stars on this occasion were not given.

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