Rules for drug delivery should not create unequal conditions of competition

Trade of medicines in the traditional way and the Internet should be governed by uniform rules. Different requirements for online sales of medicines to conventional pharmacies will create unequal conditions for the subjects of pharmaceutical market.

This opinion was expressed, speaking at the online summit “the realities of the pharmaceutical business in a pandemic” April 15, development Director, NPK “Katren” ( Anatoliy Tentser. He was commenting on information in mass media about the will of the President to allow the delivery of drugs to the house.

On 16 March it became known that the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin instructed Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova together with the State Duma to accelerate the adoption of the bill on online sales of OTC drugs to persons on home quarantine, the opportunity to buy medications without leaving home.

March 17, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the legalization of distance selling of OTC medicines. This may make pharmacies, obtained from Roszdravnadzor special permission. But the document said that the requirements for pharmacies to obtain this permission, as well as the rules of distance selling and order delivery of medications shall be developed by the Government of the Russian Federation. On 1 April the State Duma adopted the Federal law allowing pharmacies to sell over the Internet drugs, with the exception of prescription, narcotic, psychotropic and with a share of ethyl alcohol more than 25%. After this came a pause.

“The law adopted the framework, the government should determine the order, but it has not yet been determined. Rules should be the same – and for Internet and not for the Internet — said. A. Tentser. — If delivery of drugs by anyone, so at the pharmacy behind the counter, too, can stand anyone. This, incidentally, will also improve the availability of medicines for the population, because they will be cheaper. If the pharmacy behind the counter is a pharmacist, therefore, must deliver to the pharmacist”.

Currently delivers orders in partner pharmacies, using them as points of issue, and giving them 6-7% of the order value. To create a service of home delivery to the purchaser, the speaker is skeptical.

“If someone offers me free delivery the same interest, I’m willing to discuss it. But Express shipping will be 10-15%. With the margins on this market and that the average bill is, never Express shipping substantial market does not, — he believes. — She will eat up 15-20% of the order price. It is in the cities. And in the village Kudykina shipping will not go or will go for money commensurate with the cost of the order”.

According to A. Tentser, the leaders of e-Commerce refuse-to-door delivery in favor of issuing orders (SLR).

Commercial Director of “Magnit Pharma” Yulia Sobakina explained why online trade of drugs needs to be part of the traditional pharmacy market, but not in itself: “It would be good for the consumer, getting the medicine, know what pharmacy it came to him. And that shipping is a service from a specific pharmacy. Otherwise, how can we be if the release of drugs has occurred error? Not the dosage or the packaging, because now do not require exchange and return”. This will particularly be the case if the 1 July in the drug market will come into force mandatory labeling. How to exchange/return will have dropped out of drug? Is not there a grey market of drugs from the already sold-out of the system of drugs? Probably all of these issues complicate the formulation of regulatory mechanisms of delivery of drugs, which I expect the government to market participants.

Meanwhile, despite the lack of regulatory mechanisms on the pharmacy market has come out of the organization who had not previously had toward it – in particular, taxi services and delivery services food. Experts of the pharmaceutical market reported that in pharmacies regularly receive offers to arrange delivery from a small entrepreneur to “Yandex”, Delivery Club, “Cdeca” and “Citymobil”.

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