“Rude, demanding, and notorious”: the operator is working with Meghan Markle during the filming of “Force majeure”, spoke about her character

About the character of Meghan Markle without exaggeration, legendary. Someone claims that the Duchess is impossible to live with, others that she is very open and friendly with everyone. His contribution to these contradictory statements recently made by the operator, who worked with Megan on one of advertising projects, since it was the filming of “Force majeure”.

“She was very demanding and rude towards others. She behaved like a diva,” said the man in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Also insider Markle called “notorious,” noting that during shooting she pressed the team was forced to argue with her every angle and has forbidden to remove itself bare.

It is worth Recalling that it was against the Daily Mail and several British tabloids, Megan Markle is now waging war in court, the first phase of which was recently lost.

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