Roman BEZUS: “Kolomoisky bought the Dnieper as a toy. Broke — threw”

29-year-old Ukrainian midfielder “Ghent”, Roman Bezus, previously defended the colors of “Dnipro”, shared his opinion about the former owner of “Dnepr” Igor Kolomoisky.

– Kolomoisky done or not done in terms of “Dnepr”?
For the fans – not good. If it was not – maybe there would be neither final nor LE. But before that Dnipro were still, fame did in the Soviet Union, Ukraine. Was the glory and “Dnepr”. And with him the team reached LE, but not now “Dnepr”. Over the history of this club. The 100-year history.

Not done only in the sense that the teams did not. If he is not paid a salary, but kept the club, just retired. I think there were moments when it was possible to pay coaches and Spaniards.

The following year, we were waiting for the Champions League, we would have paid the same money. And then sell or give the club to someone. But it was his, he bought the club as a toy. When it broke, then kicked. Sorry. Great story. A big loss for the fans, said Bezus live Instagram

Bezus played for “Dnepr” from 2015 to 2016 years.

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