Rodman had sex with Carmen Electra in all areas of the complex Chicago

American model and actress Carmen Electra came to my mind when met with the legend “Chicago bulls” Dennis Rodman. ELEKTRA told about one unusual date with Rodman.

“One day the bulls had a day off and Dennis said he had a surprise for me. He blindfolded me and we drove off on a motorcycle. When he finally removed the blindfold we were standing in the middle of the training hall “Chicago” in the center of the site.

It was crazy, like two kids in a candy store. We ate Popsicles, which took out of the fridge. Of course a lot of sex throughout the complex – in the physical therapy room, gym, on the Playground,” recalled ELEKTRA.

We will remind that on April 19 started the documentary series “the Last dance” about “Chicago bulls” during the ‘ 90s.

Earlier it was reported that a Documentary film about Michael Jordan set a record for views.


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