Robot Spot now works as a caretaker in the Park Singapore

In Singapore, municipal authorities use a four-legged robot from Boston Dynamics Spot to remind Park visitors to keep a safe distance from each other. On may 8, the little yellow robot is patrolling a city Park Bishan-Ang Mo Kio. Spot walks along the paths and broadcasts a pre-recorded message about security measures. And special stands in the Park asking visitors not to “interfere” robot during his patrols.

Spot equipped with cameras to assess the number of visitors, but the national parks Board of Singapore says that it will not collect personal information or to use video to identify people. The management is done remotely, plus the robot has inbuilt sensors to prevent collisions.

It not the first case of the use of robots to remind people about the need for social distancing. For example, in China and the U.S. drones are used for primary prevention, further urgent request, and if necessary, coerce people to comply with sanitary norms. And robot guards American company Knightscope share their own messages on the topic of public security, from “Please keep a safe distance from each other to Wash their hands – it’s fun! Oh, wait … I Have no hands”.

Pandemic gave producers the robots serious push to improve their creations – and, ultimately, it will accelerate the introduction of these machines. For example, the robot Spot currently already working in hospitals, helping in the fight against coronavirus. Suppliers of robots claim that the demand for their technologies has increased dramatically in recent weeks. Job as speaker could be just the beginning for the development of other useful features robots.

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