Robot Spot goes to hospitals to help in the fight against COVID-19

For over ten years, Boston Dynamics develops his Robo-dog Spot. With the development of the company it is becoming more universal helper in different fields of work, from inspection of construction sites to work on the oil rigs. Now the company said that the last couple of months she worked on turning the Spot into a mobile health worker to protect physicians at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

And one of the robots Spot for several weeks, interacting with doctors and patients in a hospital in Boston. Started with an easy one: the company added specially developed for Spot fixing and turned it into a mobile telemedicine platform. Mount for iPad two-way radio link allows doctors to remotely sort the patients on the wards at entrance.

Boston Dynamics claims that such a system does not depend on any specific hardware or software Spots. In fact, any other simple robotic system on the wheels can even better suited for this task. All documentation relating to mobile robotic applications, at the time of the pandemic published by Boston Dynamics in a public GitHub repository.

Several applications are currently being developed by the company to extend the functionality of remote treatment and patient care. The next step is to find a method of remote measurement of body temperature, respiration rate and pulse rate, indices of blood oxygen saturation. The company also explores mobile technologies, which could help in the disinfection of rooms and surfaces.

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