Robot-bricklayer X Hadrian built his first house

Presentation of a robot bricklayer Hadrian X took place in 2015, when its creators robotics Australian company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) for the first time demonstrated the possibility of its giant hand-manipulator.

Today he can now lay the bricks and apply mortar/adhesive with telescopic boom mounted on an excavator or truck in accordance with the loaded in his computer three-dimensional CAD model of a house.

Not long ago, Hadrian X showed a performance of 85 units per hour. However, after improvements, it has increased to 150 units, and in the last month – already up to 200.

The FBR launched Hadrian X on-site construction of the pilot house, which will eventually become part of a residential complex in Dayton (Western Australia). Here he has already completed the construction of the house for three and a half standard working shifts, and was then taken to the base, providing the opportunity to complete the laying of a “living” counterparts.

After completion, the house will be presented to the public as a sample of the capabilities of a robot bricklayer. Now the company plans – further work on improving the performance of Hadrian X.

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