Robot bricklayer Hadrian X professionally stacks up to 200 bricks per hour

Australian company Fastbrick Robotics announced that its latest model of robot-Mason ready to compete with builders-people in bricklaying in the construction of buildings. They optimized the algorithms and reached a record speed. If before the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 she was 85 bricks per hour, the middle of spring has increased to 150, and now the robot reliably and efficiently lays 200 bricks per hour.

At first glance, speed is not so great – some demonstration machines I can throw over 1000 bricks per hour. But the fact of the difference that Hadrian X is not created for the movement of materials and for erection of high quality structures. The robot gets a 3D CAD model of the building and independently builds a wall out of individual bricks. In the mechanism there is a choice of types of bricks and add a solution, so Hadrian X actually does the work of a bricklayer.

The name of the robot was in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, on whose decree it was built a grandiose “Hadrian”, separating England from Scotland. The robot was designed with the intent that once a machine can replicate and then surpass this achievement. While this is only a bricklayer and complex aspects of construction beyond him. However, if the price of services of professional masons-people $10-100 robot Hadrian X on the cost of its operation can make them a real competitor in long range projects.

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