Robo-cook Flippy from Miso Robotics aims to revolutionize the restaurant business

The format of the fast-food restaurant (Quick Service Restaurant – QSR) has long been the basis and mainstay of American cuisine. And he still enjoys great popularity worldwide, despite the fact that now these institutions have to work “on the brink of survival” and to deal with rising costs.

To fundamentally rethink and optimize the methods of preparation and delivery of food, Miso Robotics company decided to develop a robot chef with artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to reduce labor costs and rental properties, while simultaneously enhancing overall efficiency of the institution.

Friendly flagship robot by the name of Flippy had roasted about 20 thousand kg of cutlets for hamburgers. It copes with different grills and fryers and can cook almost any fried food.

Now Miso continues to expand its reach around the world. The project team, consisting of experienced restaurateurs and experts in AI, has already attracted nearly $1.5 million investment. She intends to permanently change the format of quick service restaurants through a number of innovations that today are used by several restaurant chains.

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