Robert Pattinson himself took his new magazine cover and talked about the upcoming role of Batman

Shooting a new “Batman”, whose role went to Robert Pattinson, has already begun in the UK. However, because of the quarantine process had to stop, but the actor himself remained in isolation in London. But this did not prevent him to decorate the cover of the latest issue of GQ magazine June/July 2020, after a photo shoot he conducted himself in the comfort of home.

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Publication from GQ (@gq) on 12 May 2020 at 3:59 PM PDT

“Robert was shot in London in the new “Batman,” and initially we just wanted to catch it during the weekend. But in the end couldn’t even buy a plane ticket. So, we in the United States, Robert one in London, in an apartment he rented on Airbnb, and he has a few cool cameras. And he is ready himself to shoot. No one sent me any portfolio of an actor or already captured images. He just said, “I’m ready to do this if you are willing to”” — said editor Zach Baron.


“In my profession I often had to spend time alone with yourself – I even don’t remember when I didn’t have a similar lifestyle. Now, when I speak with family and friends, you realize that it was very susceptible to this condition, and it horrifies me”, said Pattinson in an interview that took place via FaceTime.


He also talked about his vision of the new Batman:

“I watched the video about the making of “Batman and Robin”, and even then, George Clooney was worried that the character has already been played, and many aspects of it were disclosed. We saw a lighter version, partly exhausted and even a kind of animal. And this is a very exciting challenge in which you ask the question, “What am I?””.

Premiere of the new Batman movie with the participation of Pattinson is scheduled for October 2021.




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