RNC Pharma: import of drugs for clinical trials increased by 56%

For the period from January to March 2020, Russia imported 262 thousand packages of drugs for clinical trials in the amount of 6 billion rubles. Delivery, both in monetary and in real terms showed a large increase, according to the RNC Pharma. Regarding Q1 2019 shipments in rubles and in packages grew by 56%. The total number of imported brands increased by 66 items, at the end of the reporting period in Russia were imported 386 positions.

The total number of placebo imported in Russia by the results of Q1 2020 consisted of 139 brands. The company was previously included 109 items. Share placebo in the total physical volume of imports for the year as well corrected towards reduction – about 30%, whereas in Q1 2019 on placebo accounted for almost 46% of total supply. But the money share of these product categories for the year practically has not changed, it is now 21.7 per cent.

The maximum natural volume of imports showed the drug Tervis (cyclosporine in the form of eye drops from the company “Santen”), from the beginning of the current year in Russia were imported 38,5 thousand packages of this drug. The product is a phase IIIb study to study the long-term development of clinical signs and symptoms complications of dry eye syndrome in patients with severe keratitis. The study is based on 10 medical centers, among 140 patients.

In monetary terms the leader pembrolizumab production of MSD. Natural deliveries with relatively small, only 6,5 thousand packages, it is about several tens of KI in which we study the efficacy and safety of the drug in various cancer diseases in various combinations, the drug is undergoing phase III studies in the framework of Ilyich steel. It is noteworthy that three studies started in 2020

Starting with the 1st quarter of 2020 in Russia started shipping 39 new brands of PL, which was not included in the supply since the beginning of 2013 among them, the maximum monetary amount of imports accounted for petromar company “Relapse”. The drug passes the phase IIIb study, which assessed the correction of hyperkalemia in patients receiving inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system for treatment of heart failure. The study involved 18 clinical centers and 158 patients.

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