Right now in Africa, a new ocean

Scientists and geologists reported that about 5-10 million years the tectonic plates that form Africa, diverge, causing it to split in two, and a giant crack will fill the ocean.

Now in the region of afar in Ethiopia has been slow divergence of the Arabian, Nubian and Somali tectonic plates and the formation of an extensive fracture. The beginning of the process was recorded 15 years ago, when it formed a giant 56-kilometer crack.

The beginning of the formation of a new ocean will give geologists a unique opportunity to learn how the image of such a tectonic gap. Although continental plates are in constant motion, scientists still speculated as to the cause of the spread of these three specific plates.

Most likely, the main causes of the rift growing pressure rising from the depths of the magma. So it or not – time will tell.

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