Ridiculed the Hungarian language: the President of Romania was fined €1000

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis was fined 5,000 lei (€1000) for making fun of the Hungarian language. The decision adopted by the national Council for combating discrimination (CNCD) on may 20.

“The statement of Mr. Iohannis is an act of discrimination and violates the right to dignity on the basis of ethnic or national origin. To Iohannis was sanctioned with a fine of 5,000 lei”, – stated in the message.

Iohannis is convinced that the decision of the National Council for combating discrimination Romania is political, he is going to appeal it in court, reports the press service of the head of state.

At the end of April Iohannis in one of the television appearances accused the opposition Social democratic party (PSD), the willingness to give Transylvania and Hungary.

His speech, Iohannis started with greetings PSD in the Hungarian language, the name of the party he spoke with a cartoonish Hungarian accent.

Iohannis – an ethnic German, a descendant of the Transylvanian Saxons.

29 April for the first time in the history of the supporters of the education of Hungarian autonomy in Romania has achieved passage of a bill to create a Hungarian autonomy in Romania through the lower house of Parliament – the Chamber of deputies.

The parliamentarians approved the draft law on the so-called procedure and task the document is considered adopted if not expressed no objection. In accordance with the initiative of the Hungarian and Romanian languages shall be equally used in public institutions Segascope region – a region where the Hungarian minority.

The temporary President of the Senate (the upper house of Parliament) Robert Cazanciuc convened an emergency meeting, the agenda of which was one issue – the rejection of the bill about autonomy. Day 29 APR 126 senators voted against the adoption of the document voted only nine deputies from the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania.

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