Return to the Zone: S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2 to be

After more than ten years of silence the legendary series of games STALKER received an official sequel. The company GSC Game World, the game’s Creator, announced a new part back in 2018, but strong evidence of the development there is only now. The presentation of the trailer took place during the event Microsoft Xbox Series X Games Showcase and this is no accident – the game is announced as exclusive content for the Xbox Series X.

On PC and Xbox Game Pass game will also be available later, but the main bet is still on next-generation consoles. That is where you will implement complex graphic effects and a wealth of varied lighting shown in the trailer. The picture overall impression – instead of the clumsy and seemed carved from the pile of pixels, now the Area appears to be detailed, vivid, and even more intimidating place.

Regarding the gameplay, the developers promise “unique combination” of FPS, immersive SIM and survival horror. That is exactly what millions of players loved the first part. GSC Game World hinted at the largest today open game world and an epic storyline with a number of independent endings. Release dates are not known, but while you can admire a cinematic trailer.

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