Return to help: in Russia, a volunteer movement of medical workers

The main attack coronavirus pandemic around the world are taking on the doctors. According to various sources in the media, in both capitals of Russia hundreds of doctors contracted covid-19. Known cases of closure to a two-week quarantine of entire hospitals in different cities of Russia, and this means reduced accessibility of health care for the population and an increasing burden on other hospitals. The acute issue of replacement of doctors and nurses incapacitated.

April 14, was issued the Order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation No. 327н “On the admission of individuals to the implementation of medical activities and (or) pharmaceutical activities without a certificate of training or certificate of accreditation of the specialist and (or) in specialties not provided a certification or accreditation certificate specialist.” It allows you to engage in medical institutions of the former health professionals.

In particular, doctors who are not working in the profession at present, but having a valid certificate can be accepted to work in hospitals after completing a brief training in the framework of continuous medical education. Those doctors who do not have a valid certificate after the training, can start working as a doctor in training, helping both physicians and paramedics. This document gives the legal basis for the emergence of a new volunteer movement – “МедПризыв2020”, bringing together graduate physicians, pharmacists and pharmacists, worked or not worked in the specialty, to assist current nurses in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus infection (covid-19) in the case of shortage of staff and overload of the health system.

On April 27, the organizers announced the start of its activities at a press conference.

The situation with covid-19 was an important step in the development of the volunteer movement in Russia. In Russia today, there are more than 15 million volunteers, it is almost one out of every 10 citizen of the country. They help doctors in dealing with patients and elderly people in isolation.

“We have a lot of physicians, pharmacists and we know how to help in a situation of a pandemic. – said the head of the project “МедПризыв2020″ Vadim Kochkin. Today in our team of 120 volunteers in 27 cities across the country. We invite you to our ranks first and foremost employees of pharmaceutical companies with the higher or secondary medical or pharmaceutical education – to help the doctors.”

The project has a website through which you can join the ranks of volunteers or to make a request from hospitals that need volunteers. In “Tedprize” promise to choose assistants with the necessary skills.

“At first, we thought that our help will be in demand only in hospitals, where they treat patients with the infection, but now we see that such need is and work with patients suffering from other diseases, in call centers or registries of medical institutions, — said the activist. — This work can be done remotely, without leaving the place of residence”.

The creators of the movement “МедПризыв2020” look forward to working with other volunteer projects in Russia, such as “Volunteer doctors”, “We are together”. The Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers (ARPM) and the Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers (AIPM) has expressed readiness to contribute to the development of the new movement. Executive Director of AIPM Vladimir Shipkov noted that disseminated information about the project among the leaders of the 65 companies included in his Association.

Vice-President of the charity Fund “League of health” Nikolai Kononov, described the project as very timely and expressed willingness to support its activities.

“If at first glance it may seem that our country cope with the epidemic better than many other countries, this while the number of cases is small and corresponds to the capabilities of our health care system. However, it works at the limit — we can see this from the doctors — said the speaker. — They work with great intensity and workload. At the same time, our country has a huge talent pool and especially among employees of pharmaceutical companies – among them many former doctors, and they know how to work with patients and to be on the “front line”. Many of them want to help, but not everyone knows how. And it would be wonderful if the asset formed in conditions of a pandemic will persist in the case of other challenges.”

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