Restart – not for everyone: one of the coolest NBA players will not go to Orlando

The NBA returns after a long downtime. The teams have already arrived in Orlando, where they will live on campus until the end of the season. Most of the players supported the idea of the resumption of the season, although not all of them are satisfied with the decision of the League management.

This season for the first time in a long time we will not see in the playoffs, “Golden state Warriors”. The team failed most of the regular championship without their injured leaders. All season pass Kevin Durant and John wall who have serious injuries. But there are other players who will miss the rest of the season for different reasons.

Kyrie Irving

“Brooklyn” will finish the season without key players. Kevin Durant did not have time to recover from injuries received last year. Deandre Jordan before traveling to Orlando ill with the coronavirus and left the house. Will not help the nets and Kyrie Irving. The defender decided not to boost the recovery process after shoulder surgery. The basketball player will be ready for the new season.

Apparently, Irving was not originally planned to return to the floor for the foreseeable future. First Kairi urged colleagues to abandon the trip to Orlando and the restart of the season as a whole. But when the “Brooklyn” decided to fight for the playoffs, the defender refused to even travel with the team as support. Apparently, Irving put an end to the current season before it restart. He, in Turn, is now engaged in not only basketball things. For example, is producing the series.

Bradley Beal

The attacking defender “Washington” will not help your team in the fight for the playoffs. According to an insider of Samsa Carinii, a basketball player will miss the remainder of the season due to a shoulder injury. The player has previously stated that they will go with the team to Orlando, but was not sure of its form. In the end, “wizards” will have to fight for the playoffs without one of their leaders.

The loss of Bill, of course, would be a serious blow to the “Washington.” The team the least chance in the East to get into the top 8. “Wizards” is in the 9th place in their conference, trailing in front of Orlando at 6 wins. Without a Beat “Washington” almost nothing in the rest of the season. The team lost defender who scores average of 30.6 points per game. Without Beal, wall and Bertans “wizards” will be very difficult after the restart.

Victor Oladipo

The attacking defender “Indiana” he has decided not to participate in the remainder of the season. Oladipo has not played for about a year due to tendon rupture. The basketball player returned to the court shortly before the stop of the season. In the 2019/20 campaign, the defender managed to play 13 games in which he averaged 13.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3 assists. The player decided to go slow in order to be in good shape for the next season.

In the case of Oladipo, it’s probably for the best. The player for the second time in the season was a long simple. It is unknown what form he would come up to restart. “Indiana” guaranteed to itself participation in the playoffs, but the team has to aspire to. For example, to try to climb from 5th place to 3rd, and out in the playoffs to the depleted “Brooklyn,” not powerful “Miami” or difficult “Philadelphia”. Oladipo is one of the leaders of “Indiana,” but this season the team and without him, things are going well.

Trey Young

Always interesting to watch a player who is gaining an average of nearly 30 points per game. Regardless of what team he plays for. Yang, the new leader in “Atlanta,” which is doing its best to bring a new level. However, even the hawks can’t get out of the pit, which was stuck. In Orlando we will not see not only Trey, but his entire team.

To pause “Atlanta” managed to play 67 games, winning only 20. “Hawks” have lost even a mathematical chance for the playoffs, finishing in last place in the Eastern conference. Such a long downtime can hurt the young and progressive player. On the other hand, the Yang, like the whole “Atlanta”, plenty of time to prepare for the new season, and to at least try to catch the playoffs.

Karl-Anthony Towns

A person of the primary center Minnesota shrouded in darkness. The American media periodically accuse Townes of levity and unwillingness to win. While serious facts, these arguments are not supported, and the statistics too. During the season the player was not all smooth, there were injuries. However, it was designed to average a double-double with 26.5 points and 10.8 rebounds.

“Minnesota” and “the Golden state” – the only team in the Western conference that did not go to Orlando. With the “warriors” all clear, but “wolves” have lost chances for the playoffs solely their fault. Coaching reshuffle, exchange of Andrew Wiggins, the conflict within the team, have all made Minnesota one of the underdogs across the League, but recently this team played Jimmy Butler. Now the Towns and the entire franchise will have enough time to draw conclusions and, first and foremost, to change the attitude towards ourselves.

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