Research Institute of the Ministry of health has formulated the main threats to health from COVID-19

Central scientific-research Institute of organization and Informatization of healthcare of the Ministry of health has prepared an analytical report on the effect of coronavirus infections on the Russian health care. It analysts have listed the main weaknesses and threats for the health system.

Among the main threats described were dependence on imports of equipment, medications, environments, cultures, etc. to ensure smooth functioning of the industry. This is followed by other threats – possible refusal of the countries from their obligations to supply and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia in areas related to health. The scientists also drew attention to the threat of insufficient funding of national projects “Health” and “Demography” and imbalance of the system of provision of medical organizations. In addition, Russia is threatening a temporary deterioration of population health due to the cancellation of preventive measures and reductions in the provision of routine medical care.

Weaknesses of the Russian health care was the shortage of reserve funds, in particular in the CHI system, strong zareglamentirovannost of funding, the inability to rapid transfer of funds depending on the current need in the region, the uneven provision of essential equipment, particularly resuscitators, and of course staffing problems.

However, analysts noted the possibility of the health care system in this situation. In the first place was made the recognition of the relevant health priority area that will have a positive impact on the system in the future. The report States that because of the pandemic, a significant number of citizens understand the need for careful attention to their health and carrying out preventive work (this will lead to the development of test systems, the development of new vaccines, and conducting vaccine). Also this situation worked out the skills of mobilization readiness, it is important not only in relation to epidemics and emergencies but generally, in military situations, revealed weaknesses in health organization. An important positive aspect of the epidemic on health systems have become significant investments, many of which can be considered as investment and the creation of reserves. Also, it is important that the legislation in the field of healthcare has become more flexible in General, with respect to emergencies and epidemics, and situations not officially attributed to the outbreak, and there was reason to reconsider a number of social dogmas and requirements in providing the level of wages.

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