Renewal will produce up to 2 million packages of medicinal tinctures in a month

From July 2020, Novosibirsk Renewal pharmaceutical company (“PFC Update”) launched a full-scale continuous manufacture of tinctures: Valerian, motherwort, propolis, calendula, peppers and others. In the future, the company expects the share to 25% of the market of liqueurs in Russia.

Total investment in the creation and development of production-warehouse complex in RP Suzun (Novosibirsk region) amounted to 1 billion rubles. The production capacity of the new building is more than 2 million packages of infusions per month. Production is organized according to the rules of GMP of secondary packaging of products is done in accordance with the requirements of the mandatory labeling of drugs DataMatrix code.

Vegetable raw materials for the production of liquors Renewal complies with the international quality standards, can be purchased only from proven domestic and European suppliers. All the raw materials are multivariate input analysis, including radiation safety control, microbiological control. High biological activity of raw materials allows to achieve a given pharmacological effect in the shortest possible time of application. As primary packaging uses ergonomic components (bottles, droppers) from inert materials that ensure the safety of storage of drugs, and the ease of use.

This approach to the development of traditional medicines makes it possible to implement the regular use of drugs at affordable prices in the segment from 50 to 100 rubles.

CEO of pharmaceutical production Renewal (“PFC Update”) Vladlen Kalustov:

— Development of a range of drugs Renewal through traditional means such as tinctures, allows to citizens a familiar and similar culture treatment medicines of European quality. While prices remain affordable. And due to the high demand for medicinal product Renewal of the population, pharmacy institutions to work with it is safe and profitable from the point of view of optimization of assortment. It is important to note that all manufactured on site products are labeled according to the requirements from 1 July.

The new facility will provide pharmaceutical institutions of the Russian Federation are widely demanded products. In the future, the company expects the share to 25% of the market of liqueurs in Russia. Now every third package of brilliant green (Zelenka), iodine, potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), sold in pharmacies Russia, produced a Renewal pharmaceutical company (“PFC Update”) on the same site in the Novosibirsk region. Until the end of 2020 the company plans to open another production in Suzun, which will deal with ointments with a volume of up to 3.5 million packages per month.

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