Regions has reduced purchases of reimbursed drugs

In the Russian regions has decreased by a quarter the purchase of medicines for preferential categories of citizens. This is evidenced by data of the analytical company DSM Group, which acquainted “Izvestia”. The main reason experts believe the lack of money in budgets, and shifting attention of officials in the health sector to combat coronavirus.

In January–may of power purchased 39.4 million packages of drugs for beneficiaries of regional programmes. This is 25% less than for the same five months last year, when it was acquired 52.3 million packs of drugs. In financial terms, the decline in procurement for the regional benefit recipients is 8%: from 58.7 billion to 53.8 billion rubles. What in monetary and in real terms the rates have changed by different amounts, may be due to purchasing more expensive drugs or drugs in bulk packs.

The decrease in purchases is observed in almost all categories of drugs, the DSM Group. The only exception was drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases (an increase of 20% — to 2.6 million packages), hormonal agents (+24%, 1.2 million pieces), medicines against diseases of the senses (+4%, 0.8 million) and parasites (+13%, 32.5 thousand). Most reduced purchases of antimicrobials (up to 1 million packages) and medicines from the category “other” (222 million) — 73% and 74%, respectively. As for the most popular drugs, the regions have reduced their acquisition by up to 30%. For example, the purchase of drugs for the digestive tract was reduced by 24% to 17 million packages for the heart and blood vessels by 6% to 5.7 million packs, from diseases of the nervous system — 30%, to 5.4 million.

DSM Group also highlighted the regions, which mainly decreased procurement of drugs for beneficiaries. So, in the Belgorod region they fell by 99% to 1.4 thousand packages, in the Yaroslavl — 81 percent, to 220 thousand, in St.-Petersburg — 55 percent, to 1 million Also in the top 5 were Rostov oblast with a reduction in purchases by 52% (to 1.6 million packages) and Moscow with a rate of -19% (7.6 million packs).

The government of the Rostov region said that in advance — from October to December — held auctions for the beneficiaries in 2020. In this period were purchases for 925,7 million rubles from 1.3 billion provided in the budget of the region. Their view of the 2020 power of the subject have already purchased 3.2 million boxes of drugs.

The main part of medicines to preferential groups of citizens in January-may 2020 was purchased in November and December of 2019, said desgraves Moscow. Costs (for implementation) for the past period of this year compared to the same period of 2019, increased 1.3 times, added there. In General, in Moscow the citizens who are eligible for drugs and medical products at the expense of capital and Federal budgets, the full amount of their secured claim with the office.

However, according to experts, the main reason for the decline is the lack of regional budgets and the shifting attention of officials to combat coronavirus.

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